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Why A Medical Assessment?

The Department's Medical Assessors

Unable to Attend For Assessment

The Medical Assessment

Result of Medical Assessment

Travelling Expenses


Why A Medical Assessment?

As you are claiming a benefit due to your medical condition you must, when requested, attend for a medical assessment by a Medical Assessor of the Department.The purpose of the assessment is to provide a second medical opinion as to your eligibility for benefit.

It is important that you attend for assessment as otherwise your entitlement to benefit cannot be assessed/reviewed.

You should bring any medical evidence with you that you wish to have taken into account at your medical assessment e.g. consultant's or specialist's report. All information will be treated in confidence although, of necessity, it may be dealt with by lay as well as medical persons.

The Department's Medical Assessors

All of the Department's Medical Assessors are qualified doctors and have been specially trained to carry out medical reviews and assessments.

Their role is to assess your fitness for work and/or the degree of your disabilityy. They do not prescribe treatment nor offer advice.

Unable to Attend For Assessment

If you are unable to attend for assessment due to illness or for any other reason, you should let this section know immediately by contacting the Help-Desk on  (01) 673 2482 or by writing to the

Medical Review and Assessment Section

Department of Social Protection

Oisín House

212-213 Pearse Street

Dublin 2.

The Medical Assessment

The Department's Medical Assessor will carry out a medical assessment that is specially designed to find out about your illness or disability. S/he will assess you to find out whether or not you are fit for work or how your illness or disability affects you in your everyday life. A Nurse-Attendant will be present with the Medical Assessor during the examination.

The Medical Assessor will consider all the information you and your own doctor may have provided. This will enable him/her to build up a picture of your illness or disability.

The Medical Assessor will ask you questions about your illness or disability and will carry out an assessment of your medical condition, which may include a physical assessment.

The Medical Assessor will fill in details in a report during the assessment. The length of the medical assessment will vary depending on the type of Benefit you are claiming.

All assessments are carried out in accordance with the accepted guidelines of The Medical Council.


Result of Medical Assessment

The Medical Assessor will send a report on your assessment to a Deciding Officer who will review your entitlement to payment. If the Deciding Officer disallows your claim you will be notified of the disallowance and of your right to appeal to the independent Social Welfare Appeals Office..

In the event of an appeal you will be called for a second medical assessment and will be assessed by a different Medical Assessor.


Travelling Expenses

If you reside at a distance of more than 2 miles from the place of your assessment, you will be entitled to repayment of reasonable travelling expenses. Details of how to claim a refund will be sent to you with the notification of the assessment.

Travelling expenses are not paid for a visit to your own doctor.



If you need help or information or have any queries in relation to your medical assessment please contact the Help-Desk on (01) 6732482

Last modified:20/06/2013

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