Materials and Participant Development

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Materials Grants & Participant Development

Materials Grants

Effective: 5 September 2005

Community/Voluntary Projects

Project Status Grant €
Providing Development Modules Under Review
Not Providing Developmental Modules Under Review


  • This is the maximum grant per participant per week and is payable only on vouched receipt.

Participant Development Grants

Effective: 27 September 2004

Community/Voluntary Projects

Project Status Grant €
Specific Skills Training Grant  Grant under review


Within Community Employment programmes, participants are given the opportunity to learn new skills and enhance existing ones. This is done through the 'Individual Learner Plan' which acts as a staff training framework within the programme. Through consultation with individual participants, the sponsor agrees and organises training and education opportunities, both within and outside the workplace. This specific skills training grant applies to community/voluntary and public sector projects.
Last modified:03/01/2013

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