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List of Dentists in County Galway
Town/Region Surname Firstname Address 1 Address 2 Address 3 Phone No Panel No
​Athenry ​Houlihan ​Leanne ​Athenry Family Dentist Practice ​Old Church Street ​091-845945 ​D10380
Athenry Mangan Cathal Dental Practice Old Church Street   091-845945 D00431
​Athenry ​O’Morain ​Eoin ​Athenry Family Dental Practice ​Old Church Street ​091-845945 ​D08701
Athenry Walsh Elizabeth Old Church Street     091-845945 D02330
Ballinasloe Bapisch Unit 7 Dunlo Street     090-9643644 D02328
Ballinasloe Collins Cormac Dental Practice Emmet Place   090-9643041 D02202
​Ballinasloe Creavin​ Greg​ 7 Dunlo Street​ D08753​
​Ballinasloe Sweeney​ Ciara​ 7 Dunlo Street​ Co Galway​ 090-9643644​ D10414​
Ballinasloe Cuddy Gerard J 7 Dunlo Street     090-9643644 D08108
Ballinasloe ​Gibbons ​Caoimhe ​Dental Practice ​Dunlo Street ​0909-643644 D10210​
Ballinasloe Mc Grath Aidan 9 Society Street     090-9642295 D00185
Ballinasloe Mc Guckin Ronan Dental Practice Emmet House Emmet Place 090-9643041 D00422
​Ballinasloe ​O,Brien ​Maeve ​7 Dunlo Street ​090-9643644 ​D10430
Ballinasloe Rothwell Mary 7 Dunlo Street     090-9643644 D00184
​Barna ​Egan ​Lorraine ​Barna Village Dental ​091-596640 D10545
Barna Forde Brendan Dental Practice Freeport   091-596640 D00065
Barna Reynolds Kathryn Barna Dental Practice Freeport   091-596640 D08004


Jason Barna Dental Practice Freeport   091-596640 D02939
​Claregalway ​Byrne ​Darragh ​Claregalway Dental Surgery ​Summerfield ​091-798333 ​D10044
Claregalway Cooney Sinead Claregalway Dental Surgery Summerfield   091-798333 D08369
Claregalway Fahey Triona Summerfield     091-298333 D08221
​Claregalway ​Hurley ​Grainne ​Claregalway Dental Surgery ​Summerfield ​091-798333 ​D10051
Claregalway Mc Carthy Martin Dental Surgery Summerfield   091-798333 D01745
​Claregalway ​Murphy Claire​ Dental Care Ireland​ Summerfield​ ​Claregalway 091-798333​ D10462​
​Claregalway ​O'Mahony ​Niamh ​Claregalway Dental Surgery ​Summerfield ​091-798333 ​D10056
​​Clarinbridge ​Collins ​Cormac ​Main St ​091-776745 ​D09276
​Clarinbridge Fleming ​Eimer ​Clarinbridge Dental ​Clarinbridge House ​D08590
Clifden Skelly Catherine Clifden Dental Practice STATION HOUSE COURTYARD   095-22731 D00026
Galway City Burke Una Forster Court Dental Practice Forster Court      091-562223 D08529
Galway City Chah Neysan Unit 5 Roscam House Roscam         D08528
Galway City Colbert Mary Magdalen Centre Foster Court   091-562223 D01521
​Galway City ​Collins ​Cormac ​6 Fr Griffin Avenue ​Crescent ​Salthill ​091-582222 ​D09270
​Galway City ​Creaven ​Alma ​12 Walshes Terrace ​Woodquay ​Headford Road 091-565068 ​D10494
Galway City Creaven Lisa 12 Walshes Terrace Woodquay Headford Road 091-565068 D08189
​Galway City ​Creaven ​Vanessa ​Quay Dental ​12 Walshes Terrace ​Woodquay ​091-565068 ​D08971
Galway City Cronin Niall Devon Park Dental Practice Lower Salthill   091-520222 D02983
Galway City Cuddy Gerard Dental Surgery 11b/12 Bridge Street   091-533533 D01644
Galway City Cuddy Gerard 11B/12 Bridge Street     091-533533 D08243
Galway City Davitt Kieran 20 Calbro Court Tuam Road      D02656
​Galway City ​Delgado ​Brian ​The Gate Clinic ​25 Docks Road ​091-547592 ​D09281
​Galway City ​Dragoi ​Adela ​Smiles Dental ​21 Middle Street ​091-575007 D08846​
Galway City Dunne Ronan Renmore Dental Practice 5 Dublin Road Renmore 091-757678 D02718
Galway City Durkan Joe Middle Court Dental Practice Middle Street   091-566517 D02785
Galway City Egan Lorraine 11B/12 Bridge Street     091-565030 D02478
​Galway City ​Finnegan ​David ​Devon Park Dental ​Devon Park House ​Lower Salthill ​091-520222 ​D09388
Galway City Fleetwood Eoin Unit 301 Eyre Square Centre


Eyre Square

091-562932 D0230
Galway City Forde Brendan 8 Bridge Street     091-564782 D01662
Galway City Gannon Peter Unit 3 Kenny Group House Cappagh Road 091-596768 D00972
Galway City Hurley Mark Dental Surgery 12 Bridge Street   091-565030 D0597
​Galway City JME​ Dental​ Middle Street Court​ Middle Street​ Galway​ 091-566517​ D10461​
​Galway City ​​King ​​Rachel King Dental ​​5 Commerce House ​Flood Street ​091-507001 ​D08939
Galway City Lally Conor Steamship House Ground Floor Dock Street 091-563342 D01413
Galway City Lally Andrew Ground Floor Steamship House Dock Street 091-563342 D01218
Galway City Long Caitriona Dental Surgery Earlswell Court Lower Cross Street 091-563463 D00997
Galway City Lyons Fiona Dental Practice 8 Bridge Street   091-564782 D00508
​Galway City ​McGlacken ​Brid ​Forster Court Dental ​Forster Court ​091-562223 D10536
Galway City Mc Evaddy Jason Middle Street Court Middle Street   091-566517 D01333
Galway City Mc Evaddy Jason J Devon Park House Dental Surgery 108 Lower Salthill   091-520222 D02100
Galway City Mc Gee Michael Laurence House Merchants Road   091-566614 D01966
Galway City Mc Govern James Smiles Dental 21 Middle Street  Galway 091-575007 D01396
Galway City Mc Loughlin Anthony 5 Dublin Road Renmore   091-757678 D02884
​Galway City ​Madi ​Musab ​Smiles Dental ​21 Middle Street ​091-575007 ​D09294
​Galway City ​Ni Chochlain ​Rosemary ​Calbro Court

Galway City

Ni Mhurchu Cliodna

Smiles Dental Spa

21 Middle Street  Tuam Road 091-756222 D02067
​Galway City O'Brien​ ​Maeve Dental Practice​ 6 Father Griffin Avenue​ The Crescent​ 091-582222​ D10323​
Galway City O'Brien Francis-Xavier 35 Forster Street     091-562709 D01460
Galway City O'Connor Vincent 14 Eglington Street     091-567694 D01421
Galway City O'Gallachoir Gearoid Dental Practice Earlswell Court Cross Street 091-564272 D00925
Galway City O'Hagan Eilis 6 Fr. Griffin Avenue The Crescent Salthill 091-582222 D00660
Galway City O'Reilly Peter 47 Lower Newcastle     091-525688 D01655
Galway City O'Reilly Madeline Dental Surgery 12 William Street West Sea Road, The Small Crane 091-863826 D00334
​Galway City ​O'Shaughnessy ​Owen Kingston Dental ​Unit C Joyces Shopping Centre ​Shangort Road ​D08694
​Galway City ​O'Sullivan ​Claire ​O'Sullivan ​11a Bridge Street ​091-531531 ​D10398
Galway City Pawlet Dr. Paula 12 William Street West Sea Road   091-863863 D08049
Galway City Rashid Mamoon Castlelawn Dental Practice Castlelawn Heights   091-765171 D02162
Galway City Reddin Asta 11a Bridge Street     091 - 531531 D00025
Galway City Renjith Shilpa Rose Castlelawn Dental Practice Castlelawn Heights   091-765171 D08345

Galway City

Sharma Rashmi 21 Middle Street     091-575007 D08309
​Galway City Janakan​ Siva​ Smiles Dental​ 21 Middle Street​ 091-575007​ D10296​
​Galway City ​Smyth ​Dr Leah ​Devon Park Dental ​Lower Salthill ​Galway ​091-520222 ​D10252
Galway City Stepien-Kikosicka Urszula​ Smiles Dental 21 Middle Street Galway ​091-575007 D10451​
Gort Burke Una Markethall Ballyhue   091-630731 D02722
Gort Noonan Tony The Medical Centre Bridge Street   091-631276 D00543
Headford Regan Brian Dental Surgery 1 Meadow Hill   093-35964 D00494
​Kinvara ​Quinn ​Brendan ​Seaport Dental ​Market Square ​091-638246 ​D08947
​Loughrea ​Hughes ​Maria ​Seaport Dental ​Abbey Street D09426
​​Loughrea ​O'Sullivan ​Claire ​Loughrea Dental ​Kelly Street ​091-871512 ​D10109
​​Loughrea ​Quinn ​​Brendan ​Dental Practice ​Abbey Street ​091-841466 ​D10047
​​Loughrea ​Smith ​Nadine ​Abbey Street ​D09440
Loughrea Walshe Rory The Medical Centre Barrack Street   091-841467 D01258
Moycullen Gadioux Olivier Kilrainy Main Street   091-556570 D00003
​Moycullen ​McGlynn ​Mr Eamonn ​Moycullen Dental ​Unit 5, Gairdin Mhaire Kilrainey, Main St ​091-868537 ​D10249
Moycullen Small Martin Moycullen Dental Clinic Unit 5 Gairdin Mhaire   D08077
Mountbellew Gibbons Dr. Ivan Dental Surgery College Road   090-9623794 D08040
​Oranmore ​Buckley ​Aideen ​Orantown Dental Centre ​Millplot ​091-795195 ​D09504
​Oranmore ​McDonnell ​Peter ​Dental Practice ​1 Cloorarkin Drive ​091-790609 ​D08588
Oranmore O'Toole Maeve Dental Practice 1 Clonarkin Drive   091-790609 D00402
Oranmore Whitney Dorcas Orantown Dental Centre Orantown Shopping Centre   091-795195 D00605
Oughterard Kirrane Ciaran Oughterard Dental Surgery 4 Weighbridge House Camp Street   D02020
​Portumna Kearney​ Íomar​ Dental Practice​ Apt 2, 4 Abbey Street​ Howth​ 0909-741142​ D10341​
Portumna Rymer Dr. William Dominic Street     090-9741142 D08281
​Roscam ​Cunningham ​Dr Daniel ​Roscam Family Dental Practice ​Unit 5, Roscam House ​Roscam ​091-763885 ​D10160
Spiddal Flavelle John Spiddal Dental Surgery       D08124
Spiddal O'Droma Liam The Medical Centre Baile Ard   091-897715 D08418
​Summerfield ​McCarthy ​Callaghan ​Claregalway Dental Surgery ​091-798333 ​D08636
Summerfield O'Brien Richard Claregalway Dental Surgery     091-798333 D02601
​Tuam ​Bhagwat ​Amita ​Abbeytrinity Dental Practice ​High Street ​093-60333 ​D10067
Tuam Burke John D. Abbeytrinity Dental Practice High Street   093-60333 D02104
​Tuam ​Cox ​Kieran ​8 Vicar Street ​D08906
Tuam Daly Olwen Daly Dental Surgery Eastland House Dublin Road 093-22547 D08380
Tuam Fitzgerald Teresa Abbeytrinity Dental High Street     D08379
​Tuam ​Hopkins ​Nora ​Abbeytrinity Dental Practice ​High street ​093-60333 ​D09509
Tuam Kelleher Anne Martina Abbeytrinity Dental Practice High street   093- 60333 D02948
​Tuam ​McClintock


Dental Practice
​High Street ​093-60333 D10536
​Tuam ​O'Connell ​Kevin ​Abbeytrinity Dental ​High street ​093-60333 ​D10020
​Tuam ​Power ​Raymond ​8 Vicar Street ​Tuam ​093-24452 ​D10274
Tuam Tuam Dental Ltd   Vicar Street     093-24452 D00904
Tuam Vaughan Catherine Abbeytrinity Dental Practice High Street   093-60333 D02105

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