List of Dentists in County Cork


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List of Dentists in County Cork
Town/Region Surname Firstname Address 1 Address 2 Address 3 Phone No Panel No
​Ballincollig ​Clune ​Peter ​Cork Dental Clinic ​The Clinic Medical Centre ​Old Quarter ​021-4875566 D09280
​Ballincollig ​Cottrell ​Marian ​The Dental Clinic ​Old Quarter D08738
​Ballincollig ​Cremin ​Conor ​Ballincollig Dental ​East Gate ​021-4810404 D09345
Ballincollig Cronin Charles 'Gracelands' Main Road   021-4870152 D01283
​Ballincollig ​Cronin ​David ​Old Town House ​Main Street D02814
​​Ballincollig ​Downey ​Ann-Marie ​Cork Dental Clinic ​The Clinic Medical Centre ​Old Quarter ​021-4875566 ​D09235
Ballincollig Feeney Aisling Maryborough Hill Douglas           D08527
Ballincollig Guiney Freda Classes Lake   021-4810535 D0089
Ballincollig Kenneally Michelle Dental Surgery West End   021-4870829 D00613
Ballincollig Kingston Leila Ballincollig Dental East Gate   021-4810404 D02046
Ballincollig Kingston Lelia Ballincollig Dental East Gate   021-4810404 D08404
Ballincollig Leavy Dervla Medical Centre Link Road Poulavone 021-4826060 D00682
Ballincollig Mc Carthy Elaine The Cork Dental Clinic The Clinic Old Quarter 021-4875566 D00328
Ballincollig Newman Paul Classes Lake   021-4810535 D02688
Ballincollig O'Connor Anthony Unit 1a Barr na Sride Main Street 021-4872600 D01695
Ballincollig O'Leary Louise Ballincollig Dental East Gate   021-4810404 D08422
​Ballincollig ​Stuckenberg ​Anna Phillipa ​Ballincollig Dental ​East Gate ​021-4810404 ​D09188
Ballincollig Turnbull Davina Kennealy Dental Practice West End Main Street 021-4870829 D02577
Ballincollig Waters Billy National Implant Centre Cork Dental Clinic Old Quarter 021-4875566 D10231
Ballintemple ​Cullinane ​Irene Cork Dental Care ​14 Union Quay ​021-4320069 ​D10407
Ballyvolane Foley John 1 Meadow Park Drive     021-4506462 D01540
Bandon Coughlan Jenny 5 North Main Street     023-8841752 D02486
​Bandon ​Crowley ​Aileen Claire ​Bandon Dental Practice ​5 North Main Street ​​Bandon ​023-8841752 D10022
​Bandon ​Donovan ​Aileen ​Dental Practice ​5 North Main Street ​023-8841752 D09401
​Bandon ​Fitzgerald ​Gavin Bandon Dental Care ​66 South Main Street ​Bandon ​023-8844919 ​D10261
Bandon Foley Triona 8 Market Street     023-8844499 D01881
Bandon Monahan Noel Millbrook House Millbrook Medical Centre New Road 023-8841316 D02183
Bandon O'Connor Aoife 8 Market Street     023-8844499 D02540
Bandon O'Driscoll Michael Dental Practice 5 North Main Street   023-8841752 D00299
Bandon Pearson Roger 66 South Main Street     023-8844919 D00111
Bandon Twomey Mark Dental Surgery Riverview House Riverview Shopping Centre 023-8820467 D02418
​Bantry ​Crowley ​Barry ​William Street Dental Practice ​William Street ​027-51424 D08790
​Bantry ​Deane ​Dr Graham ​Bantry Dental ​1 Glengarriff Rd ​Newtown ​027-55011 ​D10246
Bantry Deasy Ann William Street     027-51424 D01824
Bantry Donovan Aileen William Street Dental Practice William Street   027-51424 D08138
Bantry Foley Mark Dental Practice William Street   027-51424 D01825
​Bantry ​Maharaj ​Ciara ​Bantry Dental ​Newtown Road ​027-55011
​Bantry Morcos​ Olivea​ Bantry Demtal​ 1 Glengarriff Road​ Newtown​ 027-55011​ D10290​
Bantry O'Connor Claire Bantry Dental 2 Glengarriff Road  Newtown   D08199
Beanntraighe O'Luasa Sean An Cearnog     027-50027 D00860
​Bishopstown ​Brahm ​Hayley ​Maryland Hawkes Road ​021-4543856 ​D08810
​Bishopstown ​Bresnan ​John ​Maryland Hawkes Road ​021-4543856 D08159
​​Bishopstown ​Devine ​Lauren ​Dental Practice ​Ardrum House ​Bishopstown Road ​021-4800888 ​D10049
Bishopstown Mannion John Nostra Curraheen Road   021-4542475 D01339
​Bishopstown ​Mannion ​Martyn ​Nostra ​Curraheen Road ​021-4542475 D09485
​Bishopstown ​Mannion ​Sarah ​Nostra Dental Clinic ​Nostra ​Curaheen Road ​021-4542475 ​D10043
Blackpool Capitaneanu Cezar Valentin City Square Plaza Watercourse Road   021-4500908 D08518
Blackrock Haugh Richard Dundanion Dental Surgery     021-4350910 D00786
Blarney Coonan Niall Unit 2a Blarney Shopping Centre   021-4516367 D00696
Blarney Mc Sweeney Siobhan Dental Surgery The Square   021-4385664 D02742
Blarney Mc Sweeney & Tiernan Dentists Family Dental Practice The Square   021-4385664 D00816
Boreenmana Hogan John Dental Surgery Wallaces Avenue   021-4965917 D01401
​Boreenmana ​Twomey Diarmuid​ Wallace Avenue​ Boreenmanna Road​ Cork​ 021-4965917​ D08740
Carrigaline Crowley Michael 14 Church Hill     021-4371240 D01831
Carrigaline Lyden Fionnuala Cork Road Clinic Cork Road   021-4848017 D02160
Carrigaline Murphy Maeve 14 Church Hill       D08008
Carrigaline O'Brien Kevin Unit 2 Owenabue Mall   021-4371944 D00260
​Carrigaline Middle O'Farrell​ David​ Lyden Dental​ ​Cork Road 021-4848017​ D10304​
Carrigaline O'Regan Kevin Old Waterpark     021-4373288 D01613
Carrigaline Tuohy Liam Carrigleigh Kilmoney Road   021-4372203 D02408
Carrigaline Twomey Ann 14 Church Hill     021-4371240 D00265
Carrigtwohill Browne Richard Dental Practice Main Street   021-4533864 D00784
Carrigtwohill Cotter Mairead 36 Main Street     021-4533864 D08085
Carrigtwohill Diggin Aoife Brownes Dental Practice       D02896
​Carrigtwohill ​Murphy ​Regina ​Unit 3C Eastlink Business Park ​Main Street ​D08155
​Carrigtwohill O'Farrell​ David​ Dental Practice​ 36 Main Street​ 021-4533864​ D10318​
​Castletownbere ​Haq ​Tauseef Joanne ​Beara Dental ​West End ​027-57125 D08736
Charleville Cagney Nuala Dental Surgery New Line   063-81088 D00119
Charleville Mullane Patrick Main Street     063-81251 D01170
Charleville O'Callaghan Eimear Dental Surgery Newline   063-81088 D02998
​Clonakilty ​Burke ​Eleanor ​Richard Tarrant Dental Practice ​36 Strand Road ​023-8833633 ​D09377
Clonakilty Cotter Eric 36 Strand Road     023-8833633 D00094
​Clonakilty ​Downey ​Ann Marie ​Harte's Dental Surgery ​3 Harte's Courtyard ​023-8858536 ​D10101
Clonakilty Harte Liam No 8 Harte's Courtyard     023-8858536 D02754
Clonakilty Harte Lorraine Clonakilty Dental Centre 5 Western Road   023-8834611 D08226
Clonakilty Moloney Joe 3 Tawnies Mews     023-8833372 D02406
Clonakilty Tarrant Richard 36 Strand Road     023-8836633 D00217
Cobh Cahill Grainne Dental Practice 5 Casement Square   021-4813813 D01603
Cobh Canty Patrick 17 Rahilly Street     021-4814221 D00195
Cobh Dowd Anthony Bishop Street Dental Practice 8 Bishop Street   021-4815999 D02272
​Cobh ​Hearty ​Sarah ​Bishop Street Dental Practice ​8 Bishop Street ​021-4815999 D09151
​Cork City ​Abbas ​Meriem ​Smiles Dental ​112 Oliver Plunkett Street ​021-4274706 ​D10143
Cork City Barry-Murphy Carolyn Dental Surgery Glenwood Drive Onslow Gardens 021-4398572 D02266
Cork City Browne Mairead Cork Dental care 14 Union Quay      D08505
​Cork City ​Browne ​Mairead ​Haly Dental Care ​35a Mary Street ​021-4323610 ​D08557
Cork City Byrne Maria Cork Dental Smiles 12a St Patrick's Place St Patrick's Hill 021-4502139 D02070
Cork City Cahill Grainne Smile Dental 112 Oliver Plunkett Street   021-4274706 D08153
Cork City Canny Louise Town Dental 112 Oliver Plunkett Street   021-4274706 D08377
Cork City Canty Anthony Millview House Victoria Cross   021-4344111 D01003
Cork City Canty Paul Millview House Victoria Cross   021-4344111 D02943
Cork City Carey Pat Dental Surgery Glenwood Drive Onslow Gardens 021-4398572 D00717
Cork City Clune Conor Medical Centre Douglas Village East   021-4364935 D01617
​Cork City ​Coakley ​Siobhan Smiles Dental ​112 Oliver Plunkett Street ​021-4398572 D08943
​Cork City Coffey​ Niamh​ Canty Dental​ Millview House​ Victoria Cross​ 021-4344111​ D10333​
​Cork City ​Collins ​Clodagh ​Iona Road ​Mayfield ​021-4502139 D09025
Cork City Collins Oliver 6 Camden Place Patricks Bridge   021-4503726 D00513
​Cork City ​Coleman ​Anita ​Cork Dental Care ​14 Union Quay D08937
Cork City Cotter Eric 2nd Floor Dental Practice Blackrock Hall Primary Care Centre Skehard Road 021-4231155 D08450
Cork City Cotter Mairead Belvedere Dental Care Belvedere Court Douglas Road 021-4295556 D08175
​Cork City ​Cremin ​Conor ​Smiles Dental ​112 Oliver Plunkett Street ​021-4274706 D09398
​Cork City ​Cronin ​Ciara ​Smiles Dental ​112 Oliver Plunkett Street ​021-4274706 D08872
​Cork City ​Crowley ​Barry ​The Lodge Dental Practice ​Togher Cross ​D08358
​Cork City ​Crowley ​Miriam ​Iona Dental Surgery ​Mayfield ​021-4502139 ​D10444
​Cork City ​Cummins Niall ​Onslow Gardens ​Glenwood Drive D08622
​Cork City ​Cummins ​Niall ​Smiles Dental ​112 Oliver Plunkett Street ​021-4274706 D09273
​Cork City ​Cunniffe ​Claire Onslow Garden Dental Practice ​Glenwood Drive, Commons Road ​021-4309600 ​D02998
Cork City Curtin Shane Ardfallen Dental Practice Ardfallen Mall Douglas Road 021-4291616 D02225
​Cork City ​Csordas ​Borbala ​Dentral Practice ​Ardrum House ​Bishopstown Road ​021-4800888 ​D10042
Cork City Daly Patrick Finbar 1 Clover Lawn Skehard Road   021-4292479 D10112
Cork City Dermody Oscar 8 Kinsale Cottages Evergreen Road   021-4961776 D01691
Cork City Doyle Michael 59 Mc Curtain Street     021-4501306 D00054
​Cork City ​Ennis ​Ciara ​Iona Dental Surgery ​Mayfield ​021-4502139 ​D10141
Cork City Feeney Aisling 10 Grand Parade     021-4274510 D08420
Cork City Fenn Daniel 46 Sheares Street     021-4270153 D01819
​Cork City ​Fergey ​Cliona ​Dental Options ​2 Floor Blackrock Hall ​Skehard Road ​021-4231166 D09299
Cork City Finn Cormac 385 Blarney Street     021-4398948 DOO93
​Cork City Garcia Laura​ Smiles Dental 112 Oliver Plunkett Street Cork​ 021-4274706​ D10289​
Cork City Gilligan Ann Smiles Dental Practice 112 Oliver Plunkett St.   021-4274706 D02662
Cork City Gilligan Anne 10 Grand Parade       D02582
Cork City Gleeson Robert McHugh House 82/83 Grand Parade   021-4277887 D02677
Cork City Haly Charles Dental Practice 35A Mary Street   021-4271233 D00342
​Cork City ​Hardy ​Robert ​Smiles Dental ​112 Oliver Plunkett Street ​Cork ​021-4274706 ​D10282
Cork City Hartnett Pat Iona Dental Practice Iona Park Mayfield 021-4502139 D00834
​Cork City ​Hearty ​Sarah ​Cork Dental ​1 Camden Quay ​021-4501428 D09055
​Cork City ​Higgins ​Stephanie ​Onslow Gardens Dental Practice ​35 Glenwood Drive ​Onslow Gardens ​021-4309600 ​D10205
Cork City Hickey Brian Trinity House 7 Georges Quay   021-4315945 D01884
Cork City Holohan Martin Hillview Lodge Ballyhooley Road St Lukes 021-4508940 D01434
​Cork City ​Hussain ​Sana ​Smiles Dental ​112 Oliver Plunkett Street ​021-4274706 D09434
Cork City Johnston Jill Onslow Gardens Dental Surgery Glenwood Drive Onslow Gardens, Commons Road   D02942
Cork City Kearney Nora Dental Practice 10 Grand Parade   021-4274510 D00394
Cork City Kearney Eamon 10 Grand Parade     021-4274510 D01111
​Cork City ​Kelleher ​Liz ​Greenmount House ​Passage West ​021-4843444 D00746
Cork City Kenefick-Healy Lynda Invernell Bishopstown   021-4543364 D00718
Cork City Kiernan Yvonne Belvedere Dental Care Belvedere Court Douglas Road 021-4295556 D02226
Cork City Long Jason Dental Surgery 4 Lavitt's Quay   021-4270141 D00986
Cork City Lynagh Damian Carrigdene Dental Centre Togher Road   021-4323352 D00091
Cork City Lynch Liam Kilbrin House 6 Mount Verdon Terrace Wellington Road 021-4501036 D01511
​Cork City ​Maanon  ​Laura ​Paul Canty Dental ​Millview House
Victoria Cross
​Sunday’s Well ​021-4344111 ​D10182
Cork City McCarthy Michael 76 Patrick Street     021-4273082 D01909
Cork City McCarthy Lisa 76 Patrick Street     021-4273082 D02077
​Cork City ​Mc Donnell ​Martin ​St. Veronicas ​Togher Road  ​021-4963664 021-4320153 ​D01463
Cork City Manning Brian 26 Byefield Villas Old Youghal Road Mayfield Road 021-4551108 D01389
Cork City Mills Eoin Rathmaccullig West Farmers Cross   021-4963987 D08059
Cork City Monahan Aidan Dental Practice 12 Popes Quay Court   021-4307870 D00506
​Cork City ​Monahan ​Elizabeth ​Dental Practice ​12 Popes Quay ​021-4307870 ​D10018
​Cork City Mulhaire​ Muriel​ Haly Dental Care​ 35A Mary Street​ 021-4323610​ DO8827
Cork City Murray David 59 Mc Curtain Street     021-4501306 D01245
​Cork City ​Nagle ​Susan ​Cork Dental Care 14 Union Quay ​D09047
​Cork City Noonan​ Ciara​ Smiles Dental​ 112 Oliver Plunkett Street​ 021-4274706​ D08746​
​​Cork City ​Noonan​ ​Ciara ​Belvedere Dental Care ​Belvedere Lawn ​Douglas Road ​D08952
Cork City O'Conchubhair Ruairi Mahon Dental Surgery Unit 13 Ave. de Rennes Mahon 021-4358616 D00936
​Cork City ​O'Connell Grania ​Cork Dental Care ​14 Union Quay ​D02890
Cork City O'Connell Kenneth 4 Lavitts Quay     021-4270141 D01327
​Cork City ​O'Dea ​Mary ​Clermont Clinic ​Douglas Road ​Cork ​021-429500 ​D10281
Cork City O'Dea Geaney Dentists Mount Oval Dental Practice Mount Oval Village Rochestown 021-4898784 D02216
Cork City O'Dowling Alan Aspen Glasheen Road   021-4542587 D01732
Cork City O'Hara Francis Dental Surgeon 4 Shandon Street   021-4305569 D01422
Cork City O'Keeffe Donal Beltra Model Farm Road   021-4345858 D00196
​Cork City ​O'Keeffe Kate ​Onslow Gardens Dental Practice 2 Glenwood Drive, ​Commons Road ​021-4398572 ​D08571
​Cork City ​O'Neill Colm ​Wrightville Dental Clinic ​Douglas Road ​021-4966379 ​D08771
​Cork City O'Leary​ Louise​ Iona Dental Surgery​ Iona Road​ Mayfield​ 021​-4502139 D10287​
Cork City O'Rourke Catherine The Lodge Dental Practice Togher Cross   021-4312878 D02257
Cork City Power Aidan Clareville Pouladuff Road   021-4271797 D00155
Cork City Quill John Woodlawn Bishopstown Road Bishopstown 021-4545451 D01359
​Cork City ​Quilligan ​Graham ​Iona Dental Surgery ​Iona Park ​Mayfield ​021-4502139 ​D10108
Cork City Russell Brendan 59a MacCurtain Street     021-4501306 D01679
Cork City Ryan Eithne Glenwood Drive Onslow Gardens   021-4398572 D02687
​Cork City ​Ryan ​Seamus ​Cork City Dental ​4 Lavitts Quay ​021-4270141 ​D08648
Cork City Seward John 3 Camden Quay     021- 4501428 D01747
​Cork City ​Tobin ​Sarah ​Smiles Dental​ ​112 Oliver Plunkett Street​ ​021-4274706 ​D09032
​Cork City ​Sheehan ​Mary ​Canty Dental ​Millview House ​Victoria Cross ​021-434411 ​D09389
​Cork City ​Sheehan ​Mary ​Haly Dental ​35A Mary St ​021-4323610 ​D09407
Cork City Sheerin Patrick Maryland Hawkes Road Bishopstown 021-4543856 DO1577
Cork City Toomey Sean The Lough Dental Practice Lough Road   021-4311456 D02663
Cork City Twohig Fiona 8 Kinsale Cottages Evergreen Road     D02490
​Cork City ​Vahey​ ​Emma​ Cork Dental Care 14 Union Quay ​D08540
Cork City Wall James Unit 4 Reeds Court Barrack Street 021-4963272 D01382
Cork City Walsh James Cooraclare Blackrock Road   021-4293770 D01188
​Cork City ​Waters ​Billy ​National Implant Centre ​Apple Computers Hollyhill Industrial Estate ​D10230
Cork City Whelton Frank 119 Patrick Street     021-4273713 D01353
​Cork City ​Dolata ​Katarzyna ​Unit 18 ​Westside  Centre ​Model  Farm Road ​021-4336600 ​D10360
Douglas Barrett Christine Grange Dental Practice 11 Clifton Grange 021-4363053 D00186
​Douglas ​Burke ​Eleanor ​Elmwood Dental Practice ​Frankfield ​021-4897925 ​D09500
Douglas Cashman Maria 28 Douglas West     021-4894267 D08078
Douglas Cronin Ulick 5 Tramway Terrace     021-4363587 D01449
​Douglas ​Deane ​Graham ​Broadele Dental ​Broadale ​021-4894800 ​D09412
​Douglas ​Fuller ​Marina ​Broadale Dental ​Broadale ​D08667
​Douglas ​Galvin ​Mrs Marie ​Elmwood Dental ​Frankfield ​Douglas ​021-4897925 ​D10247
​Douglas ​Mc Morrow ​Clodagh ​Belvedere Dental Care ​Belvedere Lawn ​021-4295556 ​D09489
Douglas Mulcahy Jeremiah Broadale Dental Practice Maryborough Hill   021-4894800 D01934
​Douglas ​Murphy ​Bernard ​Fingerpost Dental ​Douglas East ​021-4894400 ​D09199
Douglas Murphy Eimear Broadale Dental Practice Maryborough Hill   021-4894800 D02600
​Douglas ​Nagle ​Susan ​Douglas Clinic ​6 Saint Patricks Terrace ​021-4361248 ​D10445
Douglas O'Donovan Denis 11 Clifton Grange   021-4363053 D02259
​Douglas ​O'Keeffe ​Kate ​Fingerpost Dental ​021-4894400 ​D08571
​Douglas ​O'Leary ​Fiona ​Mount Oval Dental Practice ​Granary Hall, The Square ​Mount Oval ​021-4898784 ​D09436
​​Douglas ​O'Shea ​Caoimhe ​Elmwood Medical Centre ​Frankfield ​D08171
Dunmanway Healy Ellen 'Glen Ard' Sackville Street     D08398
Dunmanway Herlihy Finbar Sackville Street     023-8845131 D01707
Dunmanway O'Reilly Peter East Green     023-8845638 D01457
​Fermoy ​Barry ​Aine ​O’Callaghans Dental ​Kent Street ​​025-31831 ​D09503
Fermoy Diggin Aoife Fermoy Dental Centre 66 Patrick Street           D08493
​Fermoy ​Kelleher ​Paula ​O'Callaghan Dental ​Kent Street ​Fermoy ​025-31831 ​D09417
​Fermoy ​Mc Morrow ​Clodagh ​Fermoy Dental Centre ​Lower Patrick Street ​D09490
Fermoy Mills John Dental Surgery Lower Patrick Street   025-8831137 D01032
​Fermoy ​Moloney ​Fermoy Dental Centre ​025-31137 ​D09311
Fermoy O'Brien Robert Lower Patrick Street     025-31137 D01322
Fermoy O'Callaghan Matthew Kent Street     025-31831 D01699
Fermoy O'Connor Pauline Dental Practice Kent Street   025-31831 D00800
Fermoy O'Meara David Patrick Street     025-31137 D00863
Fermoy O'Meara Cian Lower Patrick Street     025-31137 D02588
​Fermoy ​Ryan ​Elizabeth ​66 Lower Patrick Street ​D08538
​Glanmire ​Fuller ​Marina ​Hazelwood Dental Surgery ​Hazelwood Centre ​D08668
Glanmire Griffin Martina J Dental Surgery Hazelwood Centre   021-4866583 D01841
​Glanmire ​Holland ​John ​Crestfield Dental Practice ​Glanmire Medical Centre ​Crestfield D00168
Glanmire Murphy Margaret Dental Surgery Hazelwood Centre   021-4866583 D02306
Glanmire O'Brien Kevin Barnavara Hill Poulacurry   021-4823724 D01156
​Glanmire ​Ryan ​Seamus ​Dental Clinic ​Barnavara Hill ​Poulacurry ​021-4823724 ​D10155


Gary 3 Old Court Riverstown   021-4821133 D02313
Innishannon Harte Liam Main Street (Rear of Pharmacy)   021-4775991 D02180
Kanturk Allen James Church Street Dental Practice Church Street     D08135
Kanturk Carr Lucinda Der O'Conner Dental Clinic Strand Street   029-50287 D02240
Kanturk O'Connor Dermot Strand Street     029-50287 D01977
Kanturk Quinlivan Ed Main Street     029-50060 D01315
​Kanturk ​Quinlivan ​Danielle ​Main Street ​029-50060 ​D10400
Kinsale Coonan Niall Market Quay     021-4774133 D01991
​Kinsale ​Kennedy ​Brenda ​Kinsale Dental ​Health Centre ​Pearse Street ​021-4772788 ​D08702
Kinsale Mc Carthy Catherine Market Quay     021-4774133 D01992
Kinsale Power Patrick Pearse Street     021-4772788 D01820
​Kinsale ​Murphy ​Maeve ​Kinsale Dental ​Pearse St ​021-4772788 ​D09033
​Kinsale ​Market  Dental ​9 Market Square ​021-4774407 ​D08934
​Kinsale ​Welsh ​Anthony ​Kinsale Dental ​Pearse Street ​Kinsale ​021-4772788 ​D10277
Little Island Browne Mairead Smiles & More 4 Eastgate Village     D08094
Little Island Cade Dolores Little Island Dental Surgery 4 Island Cross   021-4510122 D01118
Little Island Rath Claire 4 East Gate Village Little Island   021-4297444 D00248
Little Island Turnbull Davina Little Island Dental Surgery 4 Island Cross   021-4510122 D02991
Macroom Browne Richard Castle Street     026-41487 D01950
Macroom Buckley Timothy Middle Square     026-41052 D01704
Macroom Cleary Fionnuala Dental Surgery Middle Square   026-41052 D02451
Macroom Cotter Mairead 12 Castle Street  Maghereen   026-41487 D08097
​Macroom ​Healy ​Ellen ​Castle Street ​D08903
​Macroom ​Healy ​Ellen ​Macroom Dental ​Middle Square ​026-41052 ​D01260
​Macroom ​Kelleher ​Paula ​Macroom Dental Practice ​Middle Square ​026-41052 ​D02773
Macroom Mc Carthy Tom Dental Surgery 61 Main Street   026-42922 D00255
​Macroom ​​O'Farrell David ​12 Castle Street ​​Maghereen ​026-41487 ​D10348
​Macroom ​Rice ​Niamh ​Macroom Dental Practice ​Middle Square ​026-41052 ​D10388
Macroom Walsh Niamh Dental Surgery Middle Square     D02735
Mahon Leahy Maurice Riverside Dental Care 25A Ferney Road   021-4614673 D01650
Mallow Barry Darryl 18 Beecher Street     022-42133 D08139
Mallow Barry John 18 Beecher's Street     022-42133 D01607
​Mallow ​Coleman ​Anita ​Family Dental ​Rosecourt ​022-53717 ​D10447
Mallow Heffernan Bryan Sandfield House Dental Practice Old Cork Road   022-53600 D02391
Mallow Linehan Jeremiah Dental Practice 12 Deal Yard Lane   022-20680 D00804
​Mallow ​Kelleher ​Paula ​Lysaght Dental ​Ground Floor Primary Healthcare Centre ​022-53344 ​D09480
​Mallow ​Lysaght ​Gilbert ​​Lysaght Dental ​Mallow Primary Healthcare Centre ​022-53344 ​D08805
​​Mallow ​Lysaght ​Ursula ​Lysaght Dental ​​Mallow Primary Healthcare Centre ​022-53344 ​D08808
Mallow Nagle Denis 149 Bank Place     022-22481 D01369
​Mallow ​Nunan ​Marie ​Castle Street Dental ​026-41487 ​D09198
Mallow O'Hanrahan Daniel West Lynn Dental Practice West End   022-21337 D02542
​Mallow ​O'Keefe ​Claire ​Lysaght Dental ​Ground Floor ​MPHC ​022-53344 ​D08966
Mallow O'Sullivan Gerald West Lynn House West End   022-42018 D00078
Mallow O’Sullivan Ciara 1B Rosecourt       D08292
​Mallow ​Ryan ​Dearbhla ​Family Dental Practice ​Rosecourt ​Muddy Hill ​022-53717 ​D09402
Midleton Brady Paul Dental Surgery Main Street   021-4632373 D01757
Midleton Cronin Michael 91 Main Street     021-4631836 D01791
Midleton Curtin Carmel Corabbey Dental Clinic 1 Corabbey Court Distillery
021-4634898 D00052
​Midleton ​Deane ​Graham ​Corabbey Dental & Orthodontics ​1 Corabbey Court ​021-4634898 ​D09386
​Midleton ​Diggin ​Aoife ​4 Oliver Plunkett Place ​021–4631345 D08550
​​Midleton ​Drake ​Claragh Main Street Dental Care ​85 Main Street ​021 - 4632373 ​D09283
Midleton Feeney Aisling Corabbey Dental Clinic 1 Corabbey Court Distillery Walk 021-4634898 D02537
Midleton ​Kenefick ​Maeve ​Main Street Dental Care ​85 Main Street ​021-4632373 ​D10223
Midleton Kennedy Adrienne 85 Main Street     021-4632373 D02039
Midleton Kiely Elaine 91 Main Street     021-4631836 D01357
Midleton Kieran Grainne Corabbey Dental Clinic 1 Corabbey Court Distillery Walk 021-4634898 D02566
​Midleton ​Lysaght ​Gilbert ​Corabbey Dental Clinic ​1 Corabbey Court ​021-4634898 ​D08782
​Midleton ​O'Connell ​Timothy ​4 Oliver Plunkett Place ​021-4631345 ​D08551
​Midleton ​O'Connor ​Shane ​10 Broderick Street ​Coolbawn ​021-4632698 ​D08646
​Midleton ​O'Dwyer ​Caroline ​Corabbey Dental & Orthodontics ​1 Corabbey Court ​021-4634898 ​D09152
​Midleton ​O’Hanrahan ​Daniel ​Dental Surgery ​91 Main St., ​021-4631836 ​D08689
Midleton Prenter Peter Niall Paul Brady & Associates Dental Surgery 85 Main Street 021-4632373 D02779
Midleton Sharkey Niall Market Green Dental Practice Market Green   021-4634930 D02635
Millstreet Creedon Cornelius The Square     029-70367 D01645
Mitchelstown Nolan Denis 50 Lower Cork Street     025-24519 D08979
​Mitchelstown ​O'Keeffe ​Claire ​​Mitchelstown Dental ​New Square ​025-24197 D10035
Mitchelstown Riordan Derek New Square Dental Practice New Square   025-24197 D01129
Mitchelstown Riordan Mairad New Square Dental Surgery     025-24197 D02132
Newmarket Buckley Cornelius New Street     029-60746 D01835
Passage West Twomey Padraig Dental Practice 4 Chapel Square Pembroke 021-4863375 D00393
Schull 'Donnchadha Samus Schull Dental Practice Main Street   021-4773898 D02147
Skibbereen Hayes Michael 3 Market Street                D02985
Skibbereen McSweeney Caitriona 72 North Main Street     028-21690 D01800
​Skibbereen ​Moloney ​Caitriona ​Dental Practice ​76 North Street ​028-23222 ​D10175
​Skibbereen ​O'Brien ​Anne (Kathryn) ​The Dental Surgery ​3 Market Street ​D00055
Skibbereen O'Brien Patrick Market Street     028-21197 D00857
Skibbereen Quirke Liam 76 North Street     028-23222 D01384
Skibbereen Stokes Simon 3 Market Street     028-21197 D08211
Youghal Cotter Jeremiah 1 Friar Street     024-92777 D01337
Youghal Cotter Jennifer 1 Friar Street     024-92777 D08427
Youghal O'Connor Patrick Dental Practice 109 North Main Street   024-92338 D00483
Youghal O'Connor Kieran Dental Practice 109 North Main Street   024-92338 D00453
​Youghal Ryan Seamus Cotters Dental ​1 Friar Street ​024-92777 ​D08626

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Last modified:04/02/2019