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Online Services for Jobseekers

Claim a Jobseeker’s Payment

Customers who have received a Transaction Identification Number (TIN) from the Department can make an online claim for a jobseeker’s payment.

Sign online for my Jobseeker's payment

If you have been invited to do so, you can use this service to let us know what days you have worked so we can calculate your Jobseeker's payment.

Note: You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.0 or above installed to use the above services.

Close my Jobseeker's claim

Customers can close their Jobseeker's claim online. You may be still eligible for certain schemes and services.

Request a Statement of Jobseeker’s Benefit or Allowance

You can request a statement of the Jobseeker’s payments you have received. This will be sent out to you in the post. 

Submit my Jobseeker’s holiday application

Customers of certain Social Welfare Local Offices can now apply for holidays online. Under current legislation, Jobseeker’s are entitled to two weeks holidays in each calendar year (twelve days not including Sundays), where they are not required to be available for or looking for work.

Jobseekers can close their claim or request a statement of the Jobseeker’s Benefit or Allowance paid. If invited to do so Jobseekers can also claim a jobseeker’s payment or sign for their payment online. Customers of certain Social Welfare Local Offices can also submit their holiday application.


Last modified:17/12/2012

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