JobsPlus Employer Survey

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The objective of JobsPlus is to provide an incentive to employers who offer full-time employment opportunities to long-term unemployed Jobseekers.
The financial incentive reduces the cost burden for an employer of hiring an employee. While the incentive is offered across a wide range of sectors and occupation areas, it is intended to support the creation of new positions or positions that arise as a result of natural turnover, rather than displacing existing employment or extending part-time positions.

The Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection commissioned a survey on JobsPlus and non-JobsPlus employers, to better understand:

  • Overall awareness of the incentive
  • The attractiveness of JobsPlus to employers
  • Why some employers had not availed of JobsPlus
  • Employer satisfaction with JobsPlus (for those who had availed of it)
  • The effect of the incentive- in the absence of JobsPlus, what was the likelihood of employers employing long-term unemployed Jobseekers

The survey published here was undertaken in November-December 2017 and represents a sample of over 800 employers, of all sizes, and across all sectors.

Last modified:10/05/2018