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 Internship Testimonial - Aoife O’Callaghan
My name is Aoife O’Callaghan and I am a single mother of two beautiful children.  I was working for nine years in my previous Job to find my position was being made redundant.  I was out of work for a year applying for jobs and getting nowhere.  I had seen Jobs Bridge positions on jobs web sites and was in two minds.  However I was getting very down and anxious about not being in a job and wanted to get back to work.  I decided I would go for a Jobs Bridge position and I have never been more happy that I did.  
The position of Office Administration I took was local to where I live.  I was assured that if I worked to the best of my ability I would have a permanent job at the end of the nine months.  I did work hard and proved what I could do, showed my strengths BUT also learnt new skills and was mentored by the MD of the company and a year and a half later I am permanent Production and Customer Care Manager of a thriving business.  I even have the opportunity to travel around the world and meet clients. 
I can honestly say that I love my job!!   Unemployed really need to take up Jobs Bridge positions but not as “How can I help the company” look at “How can the Company Help me!”   Take every bit of learning from it; gain all the experience you can from it!  If there is no position at the end of it then look at what you have gained and either go onto another Internship and get further skills or apply for a Job with the new skills you have attained!!
If I hadn’t got the job at the end of my nine month placement I’d have most defiantly gone onto another Internship with Jobs Bridge 100%
You are receiving another €50 some may say it’s not enough I say it’s more than what you are already getting and in the long run it will amount to a whole new world both mentally and financially and that’s a promise!!  You have to really want too and you without doubt should!!!!
If you are still not convinced read this again!!
                                                                                            - Aoife O'Callaghan



Host Organisation Testimonial  - Hewlett-Packard Galway


“Jobbridge has proven to be an innovative and invaluable scheme for Jobseekers and Hewlett Packard. A majority of participants have succeeded in gaining full time quality  employment. Jobbridge enables participants to showcase their skills and gain practical expertise to establish themselves as valued employees and to create professional career opportunities for themselves both within HP or in other organisations.  Overall Jobbridge eliminates the catch 22 “no experience” situation that job seekers find themselves in when trying to break into the workforce.  HP works very close with the Department of Social Protection and the job seekers which, in all aspects, has become a very successful professional and beneficial relationship for all concerned”  
                                   - Dr. Chris Coughlan, Hewlett-Packard Galway Ltd.
Last modified:26/11/2014



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