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  1. What is an internship?
  2. How does it work?
  3. Am I eligible?
  4. How do I apply?
  5. Do I get paid?
  6. Toolkit

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1. What is an internship?

An internship provides the opportunity to gain valuable experience in a working environment to those looking to explore or gain the relevant knowledge and skills required to enter into a particular career field.

JobBridge provides work experience placements for interns for a 6 month or 9 month period. It's aim is to assist in breaking the cycle where jobseekers are unable to get a job without experience, either as new entrants to the labour market after education or training or as unemployed workers wishing to learn new skills.

Interns will receive an allowance of €52.50 per week on top of their social welfare entitlement. This will be payable for the period of the internship.

The European Commission is providing co-funding to JobBridge for participants under 25 years. JobBridge is jointly backed by the Youth Employment Initiative (YEI) and the European Social Fund (ESF) and Department of Social Protection on an equal funding basis. For the period 2015 - 2017 the allocation from each of the ESF and YEI is €11.2 m approx.

What are the benefits of doing an internship?

  • Gain valuable work experience which you can add to your CV
  • Apply knowledge learned in training or education in a work environment
  • Enhance your skills and learn new ones through workplace learning
  • Explore a new career path
  • Enhance your career prospects
  • Gain networking opportunities and keep close to the labour market
  • Build your confidence through work experience

2. How does it work?

Start searching for an internship

If you are successful and selected as a potential intern the following will happen:

  • The host organisation will logon and offer you the vacancy and at this stage the eligibility will be checked by your local social welfare office. You will receive a message on your profile when that is completed.
  • The host organisation must have received this confirmation message from JobBridge before they can contact you to confirm your actual start date for the internship.

Start your Internship

  • The message that is sent to your host organisation will contain a link to the Standard Agreement that needs to be completed on the day you actually start your internship.  You will need to log into your Jobseeker profile to agree to the terms and conditions/send it back with your amendments.
  • Once the Standard Agreement has been agreed by both parties, a start date is recorded on the system
  • It is a requirement of the Department of Social Protection (DSP) and enables them to process the additional €52.50 per week Internship allowance.
  • Each month, the host organisation will logon and update the system as follows:
    • Confirm your attendance in accordance with the Standard Agreement.
    • Confirm that the internship is being delivered as described by the host organisation, in accordance with the Standard Agreement.

Failure to make the monthly returns  may affect the payment of the internship allowance

Failure to attend for the hours stated in the Standard Agreement may affect the payment of the internship allowance

3. Am I eligible?

Note: This is ONLY a guide. You must visit your local Intreo Centre or Social welfare Office for confirmation.  

Q. Are you unemployed and actively seeking work?


Q. Have you been in receipt of any of the following for a minimum of three months?

  • Jobseekers Allowance
  • Jobseekers Benefit
  • Jobseeker Transition Payment
  • One Parent Family Payment
  • Disability Allowance
  • Signing for social insurance contribution credits
  • Blind Persons Pension
  • Widow’s, Widower’s or Surviving Civil Partner’s contributory/non-contributory Pension
  • Deserted Wives Benefit/Deserted Wives Allowance

If you have answered YES to any of the above and you are actively seeking employment - then this scheme may be for you!

To be eligible for a place as an intern you must have a live claim and be currently in receipt of Jobseekers Allowance/ Jobseekers Benefit/ Jobseeker Transition Payment/ One Parent Family Payment/ Disability Allowance/Blind Persons Pension/Widow’s, Widower’s or Surviving Civil Partner’s contributory/non-contributory Pension/Deserted Wives Benefit/Deserted Wives Allowance  or signing for Social Insurance Contribution Credits for 3 months (78 days) or more in the last 6 months.
Periods spent on Back to Education Allowance, VTOS, FÁS/Solas and Failte Ireland Training course, Youthreach, FIT, Community Employment Schemes, TUS, Gateway, the Rural Social Scheme, Back to Work Scheme, Back to Work Enterprise Allowance, Momentum Courses, FÁS Job Initiative or Job Assist will count towards meeting the eligibility of JobBridge provided:

  • The individual has completed these programmes
  • Has a live claim
  • Is in receipt of Jobseekers Allowance/Jobseekers Benefit/Jobseeker Transition Payment/One Parent Family Payment/Disability Allowance/Blind Persons Pension/Widow’s, Widower’s or Surviving Civil Partner’s contributory/non-contributory Pension/Deserted Wives Benefit/Deserted Wives Allowance  or signing for Social Insurance Contribution Credits immediately before commencing on JobBridge.
  • Remember You do not need to confirm your eligibility until you have been selected by a host organisation
  • If you are selected, the host organisation the eligibility will be checked by your local social welfare office
  • If eligibility is confirmed, the Social Welfare office will send a message to the host organisation and to the individual
  • Individuals who are ineligible will also receive a message

JobBridge and Momentum courses

An individual must have completed a Momentum course in full, this includes the 6 month post-training job search period, before they can apply for a JobBridge internship.  The 6 month job search period does not apply to participants under the age of 25 years who wish to apply for JobBridge.

4. How do I apply?

Before you start looking for an internship, think about

  • what area do you wish to gain experience in?
  • what do you want to gain from an internship?
  • what location(s) would you be available to work in?
  • are you available for 6 or 9 months to complete an internship?

By deciding what you want from an internship before commencing your search, you will be able to select appropriate internships that meet your needs.

To apply for Internships

Apply directly to the host organisation as per the method stated on their advertisement.

5. Do I get paid?

  • You will receive an allowance from the Department of Social Protection equivalent to your current Social Welfare allowance plus an additional €52.50 per week for the duration of the internship (internship allowance).
  • The internship allowance will be paid in arrears and it is expected that participants will receive this top-up allowance approximately 2 weeks after commencing on the programme.
  • All payments of the Internship Allowance should be made via Electronic Fund Transfer into the intern's bank account, where possible.
  • Organisations must not pay top up contributions.
  • Out of pocket expenses - There is nothing to prevent a host organisation reimbursing an intern for expenses incurred as part of the internship. However, expenses should not be provided for normal activities such as travel to and from the intern's base and normal expenditure incurred on a day to day basis

Please note: For interns, the period in receipt of the internship allowance will be disregarded in respect of social welfare payment and, upon completion of the scheme, the social welfare claim will be resumed from the point at which they left. For example, an individual on jobseeker's benefit with 60 days of entitlement left on his/her claim will still have 60 days of entitlement left when their internship is completed if they resume their claim.

Individuals aged between 18-24 years of age will be entitled to their base rate of social welfare (either €100 or €144 per week) plus the weekly top-up of €52.50. They are not entitled to the higher rate of social welfare (€188 per week) when they participate in the National Internship Scheme.

6. Toolkit

This toolkit is provided as a means to enhance an Internship and provides a best practise approach. Each of the following items may assist both the Host Organisation & the Intern to gain maximum benefit for the duration of the scheme

Note: A Mentor must be assigned with the expertise/experience in performing the duties expected of the intern(s) and should be available on site to support, guide and direct intern(s) for the duration of their internship.

Response to Applications

JobBridge would encourage Host Organisations to respond to all applications received by jobseekers

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