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1) Classroom Assistant

We at the JobBridge Policy Unit have received communication from both the Department of Education & Science and IMPACT to advise that there is no grade or post of Class Room Assistant within the Irish Education system.

In light of this information and advice the recent advertisement for an Internship as a Classroom Assistant cannot continue to be advertised as a JobBridge, National Internship.

Internships are designed to provide real world experience to those looking to explore or gain relevant knowledge and skills to enter that particular career. The primary focus should be to get on the job training and take what has been learned in previous workplace settings, education and training to allow the Intern to move into employment.

As the job/career of a classroom assistant does not exist we cannot allow in good faith internships to take place under this heading. We regret any inconvenience that this may have caused and you may contact the Department of Education & Science or IMPACT if you have any queries.

2) Deadline

There is no deadline for submission of applications for internship placements in the Education sector. Accordingly, applications can be submitted at any given point in time.

However, a Host Organisation must be in a position to provide a quality internship experience to their intern including during the Summer months. If the Host Organisation is not in a position to provide a 30-40 hour per week quality work experience with appropriate mentoring, support and development and completion of monthly compliance checks during the Summer months then the Host Organisation must insert an appropriate finish date for this internship.

In cases where these terms and conditions are adhered to, the internship can proceed during the Summer months and until its proposed finish date. The onus is on the Host Organisation to comply with all terms and conditions of the scheme and failure to do so will affect their future participation on the scheme.

Please note that monitoring visits on placements in the Education sector will continue during the summer months.

3) Code of Practice

The Department of Education and Skills has advised schools that they may participate in the JobBridge scheme if they wish, that the scheme may not be used to displace existing staff or to fill a current vacancy, but any positions may be offered to newly qualified teachers, allowing them to complete the probationary process and become fully registered with the Teaching Council.

Last modified:13/11/2014

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