Ireland - Your Guide to A New Beginning

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Ireland looks towards your future

​The purpose of this initiative is to provide information which will be helpful to you coming to Ireland. This guide sets out the steps that you should take before you travel and on arrival in Ireland. It provides useful information and addresses where you can get further assistance.

Know before you go

Moving abroad can be a great experience, offering people the chance to sample the cultural, social and economic way of life of another country. Ireland is a popular destination for mobile European jobseekers and many have taken advantage of their right to live and work in Ireland. However to make the most of your experience it is very important to obtain information on jobs, living and working conditions, employment rights and the current economic situation before you go. 
This can be done by using the EURES system (EURopean Employment Services) which has been established by the European Commission to facilitate the free movement of workers.

EURES provides access to the following services:

  • Over 750,000 jobs from all over Europe, including Ireland
  • A central database of information on living and working conditions in each of these countries
  • Specially trained EURES Advisers within the Public Employment Services of your own country who will give you comprehensive mobility advice and guidance.
    In Ireland, the EURES system is based within the Employment Services of the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection.

You can access EURES on the internet at or from your local Public Employment Office.

Last modified:10/02/2016