Injury Benefit - SW30

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‚Äč1 What is Injury Benefit?
2 How do I qualify?
3 How much can I get?
4 How do I get my payment?
5 How long does payment last?
6 When and how do I apply?
7 Can I get Injury Benefit while living in another country?
8 Can I claim Injury Benefit while getting another social welfare payment?
9 What other benefits can I get under the Occupational Injuries Scheme?
10 What extra benefits can I get while claiming Injury Benefit?
11 Who decides on my Injury Benefit application?
12 What can I claim if I do not qualify for either injury Benefit or Illness Benefit?
13 Will I have to be medically assessed while claiming Injury Benefit?
14 Can I be disqualified from claiming Injury Benefit?
15 Conditions while receiving Injury Benefit
16 Does payment continue after death?
17 Do I pay income tax on Injury Benefit?
18 Where can I get more information?
Last modified:23/12/2014