Information about temporary absence from the State

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Temporary absence from the State

If you are in receipt of a payment from the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection for you/your spouse/civil partner/co-habitant or child dependants and you are travelling abroad for any reason there are some things you must do before you leave the State.

  1. Advise the relevant section, (the section which issues your payment) in writing, at least two weeks in advance of your intention to travel and inform us immediately of any change to your plans so that your payments will not be unduly disrupted. Depending on what payment you are receiving, you may be able to apply online, for example, make a jobseeker’s holiday application.

  2. If you are getting a payment from more than one section of the Department or if you/your spouse/civil partner/co-habitant receive separate payments form us and you are both going to be absent from the State, you must inform each section in writing at least two weeks in advance.  Each payment is administered separately and may have different conditions.

  3. Retain copies of your travel documents (e.g. air, bus, train and ferry tickets) to show the actual dates of travel and return as we may ask about these.

  4. If you are on a means tested payment you should retain proof of how you paid for your travel and how you supported yourself while outside the State as we may ask about this matter.

  5. If your absence from the State is longer than originally expected you must contact the Department in writing as soon as possible.  You should give a brief explanation of what has happened and indicate when you think you/those absent will return.  Bring the contact details of the payment section/s with you so you can make contact easily if necessary.  You should keep any evidence of the reason why you were delayed as we may ask about this matter.

  6. If you are leaving the State but your spouse/civil partner/co-habitant/child dependant/s are remaining it is possible that they may qualify for a payment in your absence. In such instances you should present in advance of travelling and explain the circumstances at your local Intreo Centre where the situation will be assessed by a staff member. Please ensure you bring all relevant information/documentation with you to the office.

  7. Contact each section of the Department that pays you immediately after your return to ensure that the appropriate payment for you is processed with the minimum delay.



Last modified:06/02/2017