Illness Benefit- GP Update

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Update for GPs regarding new forms and certificates for certification of the Illness & Injury Benefit Schemes:

The Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection recently introduced a new claim form (called “IB1”) and a new medical certificate (called “MED1”) to replace the old MC1 and MC2 forms for certification of the Department’s Illness and Injury Benefit Schemes.
The Department would like to apologise for the fact that some GPs received fewer new forms than they required. We understand this error caused confusion. This error was quickly notified to us and was immediately rectified, with further stocks of the new forms and certificates issuing to GPs.
The Department will continue to accept the old MC1 and MC2 forms for the time being, but we will not be issuing any further supplies of these old forms. GPs are therefore requested to begin using the new IB1 and MED1 forms as soon as possible. GPs can continue to certify patients under the current certification process - for one, four, or 26 weeks – using these new forms.  A new on-line service, where you can re-order supplies of the new certificates directly, is now available at:
Please be assured that the Department’s clear intention in implementing this change remains the improvement of the certification processes and to make improvements and efficiencies in the claim and payment procedures for everyone involved – GPs, patients and the Department
Discussions are on-going with the GP representative organisations on a range of related issues.
Last modified:10/08/2018