Human Resources Strategy 2003-2005

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Human Resources Strategy 2003-2005, Partnership, Development and Performance

Our Mission and Mandate

"Our mission is to promote a caring society through ensuring access to income support and related services, enabling active participation, promoting social inclusion and supporting families."


Foreword from the Secretary-General


Our Main Functions
Our Business
Statutory Agencies

Environmental Context
Public Service Modernisation

Profile of our Organisation

The Kind of Organisation We Want to Work In
Values and Guiding Principles

Some Key Developments
Internal Customer Service
Performance Management and Development System (PMDS)
Strategy Statement, Human Resources Strategy, Business Plans and PMDS: The Linkages

Our Human Resources Objectives


Strategy Area 1: Achieving our Strategic and Business Objectives
HR and Organisational Strategy
Organisational Structure
Internal Customer Service
Performance Management and Development System (PMDS)
Team Working
Managing of Resources and Prioritisation of Work
Process Improvement
Accreditation Schemes
Policy Development
Employee Relations
Our Agencies
Relationship with the Department of Finance
Relationship with the Office of the Civil Service and Local Appointments Commission
Future Decentralisation Processes
Role of the Manager
Supports to the Manager

Strategy Area 2: Ensuring a Positive Working Environment
Equality of Opportunity
Flexible Working Arrangements
Working Environment and Staff Welfare

Strategy Area 3: Reaching Our Potential
Objectives of Training and Development Strategy 2003-2005

Strategy Area 4: Creating a New Human Resource Management Environment
Devolution Process
Future Role of Personnel Branch
Human Resources Support Systems
Information on Human Resources Issues

Strategy Area 5: Strengthening Partnership, Consultation and Involvement
Participation and Involvement


Critical Success Factors
Resource Allocation
Communicating the Strategy
Monitoring the Implementation of the Strategy


Foreword from the Secretary-General


The idea of a Human Resources Strategy is to focus on the human side of working life. It represents an acknowledgement of the fact that the Department is built on the contribution and the commitment of the people who work here. It sets out what we plan to do to improve the experience of work and the opportunities for people to have a worthwhile and fulfilling experience in their jobs.

Work is not, and never has been, the centre of the human universe, even though it sometimes seems to dominate our existence. Work should, nevertheless, be an experience that benefits the spirit. We all seek meaning in our work and we all bring our personal hopes and values with us to the work situation. We work in an organisation whose mission, built around the idea of a caring society, is easier to identify with than many others. In preparing our Strategy Statement 2003-2005 and this Human Resources Strategy we have tried to articulate the values which drive the organisation and which are evident in the way we do our business. The extent to which we can continue to match the Department’s mission with these values will determine our success.

The achievement of this Human Resources Strategy challenges all of us and we have set demanding goals for the period ahead. The Strategy covers the broad Human Resources agenda and contains actions which are, in many cases, interdependent and which, taken together, constitute a comprehensive programme of substantial developments and improvements. We must recognise that in everything we do we are providing a service, whether directly to our customers, to the taxpayer and the contributor, to the Government or to each other. In each of these areas the same quality of service has to apply. Clearly, this is particularly crucial in the prevailing environment in which we must meet our responsibilities, while operating within extremely tight budgetary conditions.

This Strategy is aimed, ultimately, at enhancing the service we provide but also at making this a rewarding and a fulfilling experience for everybody. The title "Partnership, Development and Performance" sums up three key themes of the Strategy. We recognise that partnership-based approaches and the provision of high quality training and development are crucial to the achievement of the level of performance which is essential in order to meet our overall objective of providing an excellent service to all of our customers.

People from across the Department have contributed to the preparation of this Strategy during a lengthy process of consultation, which included the extensive use of our Partnership structures. It is intended that the implementation of the Strategy will be monitored via Partnership and that updates on progress will be regularly communicated to all.

I would like to express my appreciation to everyone involved for their contribution to the preparation of this Strategy. I look forward to the challenge of delivering, together, the commitments which it contains.

John Hynes
January 2003

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