How will my pension be calculated?

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If you qualify for an Irish pension on your Irish PRSI contributions alone, that pension is always put into payment. In other words, if a pension can be awarded in Ireland without the need to take contributions in Austria into account, that pension will always be paid and there will be no need to combine your insurance records in both countries.

In this case you may also qualify for an Austrian pension and we will pass on the relevant information to the Hauptverband der Österreighischen Sozialversicherungsträger for you.

If you do not qualify for a pension on your Irish insurance contributions alone then the amount of the Irish pension payable under the Agreement will be calculated using the following formula:

For example, if you had 12 years reckonable Irish insurance and 6 years reckonable Austrian insurance, you will get 2/3 of the appropriate Irish pension.

If you qualify for an Austrian pension, with or without the need to combine the insurance periods in both countries, the amount of the Austrian pension will be calculated in all cases according to the same formula.

Last modified:16/09/2011

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