How to use the Ready Reckoner

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The Ready Reckoner is a user friendly tool that gives you an instant comparison of the difference between your potential in-work and your current out-of-work payments based on information provided by you.


See picture here for an example of output.

Before using the Ready Reckoner, you will be requested to agree with a disclaimer stating you understand that this is a guide only to the potential difference. 


You will then be requested to input details of your:

In certain circumstances you may retain an entitlement to some rent supplement/mortgage interest supplement when you enter employment. 


As Child Benefit is a universal payment and will continue when you take up employment, it should not be included in your weekly Jobseeker's Payment amount.


The Ready Reckoner will then immediately produce a comparison of your net weekly pay plus any Family Income Supplement and/or Back to Work Family Dividend entitlements you may have (Employment amount), with your existing Jobseeker's Payment plus rent / mortgage interest supplement (Welfare amount).

Last modified:18/12/2014

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