How to Make a Comment or Complaint to the Department

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This page sets out the different ways in which you can submit comments or complaints in relation to the Department's schemes and services.

Submit a comment or complaint

The Department has a formal comments and complaints procedure in place to allow customers give feedback on the quality of services they receive. We want customers to let us know when things go wrong, when they get a good service, or how services can be improved. Mail to submit a comment or complaint. Your comments will be dealt with in confidence.

Comments and Complaints Procedures

Details of the Department's Comments and Complaints Procedures

Comment on the service that you received in your local office

Let us know when things go wrong, when you get good service, or how we can improve our services.  This online form is only for customers of our local or branch offices.  If you want to make a comment or complaint on other areas of the Department, please email  

Complaint procedures under the Disability Act, 2005

A complaint may be made against the Department if it does not comply with the provisions of Sections 25, 26, 27 and 28 of the Disability Act, 2005.

Comment on our website

Contact Information for the Department of Social Protection

Contact information for all of the Department's Offices is available in the " Contact Us" area of the website.

Last modified:15/12/2011

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