One Parent Family Payment - SW 82

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We assess personal and child maintenance payments as means. That is, all maintenance payments are assessed as means.

If you have a housing cost, up to €95.23 a week of your maintenance payment is offset against your housing cost and half the remaining amount is assessed as means.
maintenance payments over this amount.

You must give evidence of housing costs, such as a rent receipt or a rent book from your landlord or a statement of your mortgage repayments.


You are a qualified parent with two qualified children. You get maintenance of €80.00 a week and pay rent of €35.00 a week.
Weekly maintenance              €80.00
Minus weekly rent                  -€35.00
Balance of maintenance          €45.00
Divided by 2 = weekly means   €22.50
In this example, you would get One-Parent Family Payment of €232.60 (at current rates) a week (a personal rate of €173.00 and two increases for a qualified child, €29.80 each).


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Last modified:17/08/2015

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