One Parent Family Payment - SW 82

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Your average weekly earnings must not exceed €425.

If you are working, we assess your earnings from employment or self-employment as follows:

We don’t count the first €90.00 of weekly earnings from employment and/or self-employment.

We assess half the remainder of your earnings over this €90.00 as means, up to €425 a week.


You are a qualified parent, with two qualified children  and weekly earnings of €200.00 but no other income.

Gross weekly earnings          €200.00
Minus weekly disregard         €90.00
Remainder of earnings           €110.00
Divide by 2 = weekly means   €55.00

In this example you would get a total One-Parent Family Payment of €200.10 (a personal rate of €140.50 and two increases for a qualified child, €29.80 each).
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Anyone with a gross income of less than €425 (from employment and/or self-employment) is entitled to a disregard of superannuation contributions, social insurance contributions, pension levy and trade union subscriptions for the purposes of determining entitlement to One-Parent Family payment.

Last modified:17/08/2015

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