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To qualify for a refund of medical cost:

  • your injury must have been caused by an accident at work. We include here an accident while on an unbroken journey to or from work,
  • as a result of work you have contracted a prescribed occupational disease. For further information and the full list of occupational diseases, log on to,
  • you must have PRSI contributions at Class A, B, D, J or M. In the case of PRSI Class B contributions, only expenses incurred subsequent to 26 weeks after the accident or development of the disease can be covered.


Not all work accidents or occupational diseases may result immediately in illness or disability. If you are not immediately incapacitated but you wish to protect your future right to benefit, you should tell your employer about your accident or disease. You must apply without delay for a declaration that your accident or disease was occupational.

You can get the application form from:

Medical Care Section
Department of Social Protection
Áras Mhic Dhiarmada
Store Street
Dublin 1

LoCall: 1890 928 400 (from the Republic of Ireland only), or
+353 1 704 3000 (from Northern Ireland or overseas).

Last modified:29/06/2016

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