Farm Assist - SW 27

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You will qualify for this payment if:

  • you are a farmer,
  • are aged between 18 and 66, and
  • satisfy a means test.

Who is considered a farmer?

For this scheme, you are considered a farmer if you farm land that you own or lease and that you use for the purpose of husbandry (see note).

If you farm land for the purpose of husbandry but you do not own or lease that land, then you may still qualify as a farmer as long as the land is not part of a larger holding.

The land, which includes commonage (which is land that you and other landowners own together), must be within the State. You will not get Farm Assist if you lease or let all your land to another person.

Husbandry means working the land with the object of taking produce from the land.

Last modified:29/10/2014

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