How do I fill in the Respite Care Grant application form?

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Before filling in the application form, please take a little time to read this section.

When we deal with an application for the Respite Care Grant, we may have to assess the position of two people (the carer and the person being cared for).

We must examine the medical condition of the person being cared for to establish if they need full-time care and attention.

We must also be satisfied that you, the carer, are providing full-time care and attention and are in a position to do so.

This means that the application form must ask you for a lot of detailed information.

The application form is divided into the following parts:

Parts 1 and 2 must be completed by you.

Part 1 deals with your personal details.

Note on question 18 – If you are or have been selfemployed outside the home in the last 18 months, the declaration under question 18 must be completed, signed and stamped by your accountant.

Note on questions 19 and 20 – If you work(ed) or attend(ed) an educational or training course outside the home for 15 hours or less a week, the declaration in question 20 must be completed, signed and stamped by either your employer or the training authority.

Part 2 deals with the details of the person you are caring for.

If you care for more than one person, please also complete form RCG 1 (a)and attach it to the application form.

Part 3 is the checklist you should refer to before applying.

Part 4 deals with the medical certification for the person being cared for.

Section A must be signed by the person who is receiving care. If the person being cared for cannot complete this form, you should fill it in for them and have it signed by a witness.

Section B must be completed by the doctor of the person you are caring for.

Last modified:29/06/2011

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