How do I apply for a pension covered by the Agreement?

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You should apply for a pension to the country in which you are resident. You may qualify for:

  • an Irish pension based solely on your Irish PRSI contributions or a pro-rata pension based on contributions in both Ireland and Austria

  • an Austrian pro-rata pension based on your contributions in Austria and in Ireland.

If you are living in Ireland and you were also insured in Austria, you should make your claim on the appropriate claim form available from the Department of Social and Family Affairs.

When you claim any of the pensions in Ireland, and indicate that you also worked in Austria, we will notify the Federation of Austrian Social Insurance Authorities. That is the body in Austria which will deal with your claim to an Austrian pension. You will be asked to complete a separate claim form for this pension which you must return to this Department. We will then verify the required particulars on this form from our records and send the claim form for you to the Hauptverband.

If you are living in Austria you should make your claim direct to the Hauptverband. The address to write to is given in Section 8. They will take up the question of your entitlement to an Irish pension with us.

Last modified:16/09/2011

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