Irish/Swiss Social Security Agreement - SW 97

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6.1 If you are resident in Ireland

and qualify for an Irish pension under the Agreement, your pension can be paid:

  • directly into your Bank, Building Society or An Post Savings Account - this is known as Direct Payment, and payment is made 4 weeks in arrears to any of the financial institutions listed below
  • by a book of Payable Orders which can be cashed weekly at a chosen Post Office. (if you are paid your pension in this way and you are unable to collect your pension, you can nominate another person age 16 or over to collect it on your behalf.)

Financial Institutions offering a Direct Payment Facility are:

  • a Pension Savings Account with An Post
  • a current or Deposit Savings Account ( not a mortgage account) with any of the following Banks:
    - ACC Bank
    - AIB Bank
    - Bank of Ireland
    - National Irish Bank
    - TSB Bank
    - Ulster Bank
  • an account ( not a mortgage account) with any of the following Building Societies:
    - EBS Building Society
    - First Active PLC
    - ICS Building Society
    - Irish Nationwide Building Society
    - Irish Permanent PLC.
6.2 if you reside outside the State,

your pension can be paid by Direct Payment to any of the Financial Institutions listed above or to a Financial Institution outside the State.

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