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JobsPlus ( is a cash payment to employers who offer employment opportunities to jobseekers in receipt of certain social welfare payments.  There are two levels of payment:

  • You will receive €7,500 if you recruit an unemployed person who is in receipt of a Jobseeker payment for more than 1 year, or, if under 25 years of age, in receipt of a Jobseeker payment for at least 4 months.
  • You will be paid €10,000 if you recruit a person who has been in receipt of a Jobseeker payment for more than 2 years.

Following the recent Budget announcement, from 1st January 2018 there will be a change to JobsPlus and jobseekers over 50 years of age will qualify for the higher rate of payment (€10,000) if 1 year or more on a jobseekers payment.  For those under 50, the higher rate will now be payable after 3 years on a jobseekers payment.
The incentive is paid directly into your bank account in monthly instalments over a two year period while the employee remains in your employment.

To qualify, the job must be full time (over 30 hours per week, for at least four days per week) and be a new position or a vacancy arising as a consequence of natural turnover such as retirement (i.e. not displace an existing employee). You must be fully compliant with Irish tax and employment laws.

Become an approved JobsPlus employer by completing the online application form on  Prospective employees can also apply online to verify their eligibility.

Last modified:18/12/2017

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