Family Income Supplement Uptake Research Report

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The Department of Social and Family Affairs commissioned Millward Brown IMS to conduct a survey among potential recipients of Family Income Supplement (FIS).  The main objectives of the research included the following:

  • To measure current levels of awareness of the Family Income Supplement.
  • To measure perceived eligibility to apply among respondents, to establish whether they had applied in the past and to identify any perceived barriers to applying for the scheme.
  • To gain an understanding of how the Department can effectively maximise uptake of FIS
  • To investigate awareness and effectiveness of the Department’s advertising for the FIS, with particular emphasis on the campaign initiated in March 2006.
  • To review the effectiveness of communications about FIS from the Department itself and through different information channels available to customers.
  • To examine and reconcile the findings from the ESRI in 2005 which suggested that there was a large group of potentially eligible claimants of FIS who were failing to do so.

These broad objectives formed the basis of the quantitative questionnaire and of the topics covered in the qualitative focus groups (copies of which are included in the Appendix).

Last modified:13/07/2009

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