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What is Experience Your Europe (EYE)?

Experience Your Europe (EYE) programme is part of the EU Youth Guarantee initiative aimed at young jobseekers. The ‘EYE’ programme is currently being implemented by EURES Ireland (European Employment Services section of The Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection).

There are two options promoted under EYE

Option 1:

Your first EURES job (yfEj) . This offers jobseekers support in taking up employment in other EU countries including:
- Financial support (allowances for travel and relocation)
- Language training Allowance (if required)
- Induction Programme to include: information on living and working abroad,
CV preparation/ Interview skills

Option 2:

The Co-Sponsored Placement Programme. Under this option Jobseekers, age 18-24, will be co- sponsored by EURES Ireland and Irish-based companies. The jobseeker will be placed in a partner company in another European Country for up to 12 months to gain experience. For example language skills training.

Am I eligible?

For Option One you must be between the age of 18 and 35 and willing to work in another European Country.

For Option Two you must be between 18 and 24, unemployed and be in receipt of any of the following for at least three months (78 days) or more in the last six months:

  • Jobseekers Benefits
  • Jobseekers Allowance
  • Signing for Social Insurance contribution credits

Why avail of the EYE Programme?

To broaden your range of work and training opportunities

To facilitate your personal development through up-skilling and learning new skills

To provide you with the opportunity to acquire additional language skills



How does EYE work?

Option One:  Your first EURES Job.

Helping jobseekers find a job in Europe. Candidates find a job in Europe themselves or with the help of a EURES Adviser. Benefits under this option include:

  • Travel Allowance
  • Induction Programme to include information on living and working abroad as well as CV Preparation/Interview Skills
  • Relocation allowance
  • Language Training Allowance (If required)

Option Two:  The Co- Sponsored Placement Programme.

This option is particularly suited to Irish companies with branches in Europe who are having difficulty recruiting staff with the required language skills. Companies who have a demand for language skills are being asked to sponsor a jobseeker by offering and reserving an employment position for them on completion of their work experience/training programme. It is comprised of a maximum 12 month placement in another European country. This option will help unemployed young people gain valuable work experience and develop their language skills. Benefits of this option include:

  • Travel allowance
  • Re-location Allowance
  • Paid placement in another European Country
  • Induction Programme to include information on living and working abroad as well as CV Preparation/Interview Skills
  • Language Training Allowance (If required)

Contact Details

For more information on the EYE Programme, please get in touch with EURES Ireland:

Email: yfej@welfare.ie (Option One)   eures@welfare.ie  (Option Two)

Phone: +353 (1) 673 2739

Website: www.eures.europa.eu


Facebook: facebook.com/euresireland

Last modified:24/11/2015

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