Expenditure Review of National Fuel and Smokeless Fuel Schemes

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The National Fuel Scheme is intended to help households who are dependent on long-term social welfare or health board payments and who are unable to provide for their own heating needs The Smokeless Fuel Allowance helps low income households meet the extra costs of using smokeless or low smoke fuels in certain areas where the sale of bituminous fuel is banned.

The review of the schemes was undertaken as part of a general programme of expenditure reviews carried out under the Strategic Management Initiative.

The report starts with a background note and the history of the schemes. Each of the Terms of Reference are then dealt with individually and a summary of the main conclusions/recommendations is provided at the end of each of the individual sections. An executive summary detailing the main findings, conclusions and key recommendations is provided at the front of the report.

Last modified:24/11/2008

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