Expenditure Review of Miscellaneous Grants to Men's and Women's Groups

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A scheme of grants for locally based women's groups was introduced by the Department of Social and Family Affairs in 1990. Under this scheme, grants can be provided to groups involved in self-help and personal development designed to tackle poverty and disadvantage. In 1994, conscious of the need to provide a similar support to men's groups, the Department introduced a scheme of grants for locally based men's groups.

The review of the scheme was undertaken as part of a general programmes of expenditure reviews carried out under the Strategic Management Initiative.

The report sets out briefly the background to the establishment of the scheme of Grants to Locally-Based Men's and Women's groups, the aims and objectives of that scheme and the way in which they operates. An overview of the type of groups and the type of activities funded under the scheme is provided and the impact of the scheme of grants on the activities of groups funded under the scheme are examined. The final chapter sets out the findings of the review, and present a discussion of key issues arising and recommendations for the future operation of the scheme.

Last modified:24/11/2008

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