Expenditure Review of Credited Contributions

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Credited contributions are awarded in circumstances such as unemployment and illness, and help to protect the social insurance entitlements of people during periods When they may not be in a position to pay contributions. In order to qualify for credits, a person must first have entered insurable employment and have at least one paid social insurance contribution.

The review of credited contributions was undertaken as a part of a general programmes of expenditure reviews carried out under the Strategic Management Initiative.

The report starts with an explanation of what credited contributions are, their rationale and objectives. It examines the continued relevance of these objectives in the light of the Department's overall goals and strategy. It then looks at the factual position in terms of costs and resources. These lead into the evaluation section. Following from the evaluation the report looks at the other issues and alternatives. Future performance indicators are based on the material presented in the earlier chapters and finally the report presents the conclusions and recommendations of the Group.

Last modified:24/11/2008

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