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Recruitment Services, Financial Supports, Workplace Supports, A Guide to PRSI and Redundancy and Insolvency


Self-employed PRSI contributions, Back to Work Enterprise Allowance and Short-Term Enterprise Allowance


PRSI, Special collections, Voluntary Contributions, Social Insurance and EC Regulations and Bilateral Social Insurance Agreements

Minimum Wage

Details on the increase in National Minimum Wage and Board and Lodgings Rates.

PRSI Refunds

Refunds to Employees and Employers where contributions have been paid in error

Treatment Benefit

Dental benefit, Optical benefit, Aural benefit, Hearing aids

Workplace supports

Disability Awareness Training, Wage Subsidy Scheme and Reasonable Accommodation Fund

Employment Rights Policy

Employment rights includes the entitlements and responsibilities within the employer-employee relationship

Changes to employment rights under the Employment (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2018

Last modified:22/02/2019

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