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All jobseekers, those who are eligible for, or in receipt of a Jobseeker’s payment, and those who are unemployed but not eligible for a payment, can seek employment advice and support from the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection.
Employment support and advice is provided in a variety of offices nationwide. In some locations the newly integrated and improved Intreo service is being offered.This service is an improved service which results in shorter processing times for decisions on payments, and a more tailored approach to providing employment advice and support to jobseekers. It also means that clients can have their jobseeker claim processed in the same office where they can also meet with an Officer to discuss their employment options, training options and other options available to them in their efforts to return to work. The new and improved Intreo pathway that clients take to return to work is outlined in more detail for you here.
While this improved service is being rolled out to offices nationally, the existing services already available to jobseekers remain in place. For example, if you wish to make a claim for a Jobseeker's payment you can do so at any Intreo Centre or Local Social Welfare Office.
If you wish to speak with someone to discuss your employment options, training options or other options available to you in your search for work, you can still contact any Employment Services Office or Local Employment Service (LES) office.
While all jobseekers can access our employment advice and support services, priority is given to those who are in receipt of a Jobseeker’s payment. People in receipt of a Jobseeker’s payment are required to cooperate with the Department, and in order to continue to retain their payment, they must demonstrate that they are actively and genuinely seeking work

Services available to all Jobseekers:

  • Guidance interview(s) with an Officer to discuss employment opportunities, training courses, financial supports and other options which may lead to employment  
  • Help with identifying transferable skills which may be used in various occupational settings.  
  • Access to current labour market information and advice on areas that relate to the jobseekers labour market situation, such as welfare-to-work issues, education, employment and training opportunities, including referral to related services. 
  • A Jobseeker pack which provides information on using the job search facility on the Jobs Ireland web site, information on how to: fill out an application form, prepare a CV and covering letter, prepare for a job interviews and a list of useful website addresses. 
  • Jobs Ireland is where jobseekers go to find prospective jobs in Ireland and across Europe. Access it via www.jobsireland.ie. LoCall 1890 800024, use our touch screen kiosks located in an Intreo Centre or Local Social Welfare Office. 
  • Online CV – input CVs directly on the Jobs Ireland database using the website at www.jobireland.ie Employers can access these CVs through this database and contact a jobseeker directly to arrange a meeting. 
  • The European Employment Services Network (EURES) job mobility network/database provides access to job vacancies in 31 countries, as well as practical information such as necessary documentation for those seeking employment within Europe  

  • Career Directions database www.careerdirections.ie helps clients to explore their career. The Career Directions Database allows clients to view all careers from A to Z together with detailed information about each career. The matching programme identifies suitable careers based on clients’ interests and qualifications. To use the matching program, clients log on as a user and answer a series of questions before suggested careers are shown.  
  • The Qualifax Database www.qualifax.ie, contains details of third level courses in Ireland which is useful for clients who wish to return to education as part of their action plan to return/enter employment.  
  • Employment Services Offices and Intreo Centres operate as a resource centre providing a variety of free services to jobseekers, such as access to local labour market information, local and national vacancy information, information of FÁS courses, and a telephone service to contact employers.
Last modified:04/04/2017

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