EU Poverty Target under Europe2020 Strategy

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EU Poverty Target

The EU poverty target is to lift at least 20 million people out of the risk of poverty or exclusion by 2020 (using 2008 as baseline year). It was adopted by the EU as one of five headline targets in the Europe 2020 Strategy. Member states are required to set out parallel national targets as a means of meeting the EU target, using appropriate indicators. National targets based on the preferred indicators are to be defined in numerical terms to facilitate their aggregation at EU level. The EU target defines its target population using a combination of three indicators: at-risk-of-poverty, material deprivation and very low work intensity, a group which is described as being ‘at risk of poverty or exclusion’.
A comparable composite Irish measure of the population ‘at risk of poverty or exclusion’ can be got by combining the national indicators of at-risk-of-poverty, basic deprivation and consistent poverty. Both composite measures capture similar population figures (between 30 and 32 per cent in 2010) and it is estimated that there is an overlap of 80 per cent between the two populations, rising to 100 per cent for the population in consistent poverty.

Irish Contribution to the EU2020 Poverty Target

Under the Europe 2020 Strategy, EU members states are required to set a national poverty target which will contribute to meeting the EU poverty target. Ireland’s contribution to the EU target is to lift a minimum of 200,000 people out of the risk of poverty or exclusion between 2010 and 2020.This contribution is based on a reduction in consistent poverty to 4 per cent by 2016 and 2 per cent of less by 2020, as per the national social target for poverty reduction. It is envisaged that this Ireland’s contribution to the EU poverty target will lead to an overall reduction in the population at risk of poverty or exclusion of 200,000. This reduction will be spread across the three indicators of consistent poverty, at-risk-of-poverty and basic deprivation. The Irish target contributes 1 per cent to the overall EU poverty target.
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