EU Pension - How to claim from another EU/EEA Country

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  • reside in Ireland
  • have not yet reached age 65, but have reached the age of eligibility for EU Pension in another EEA country you have worked in, and from which you now wish to claim an EU pension  

People Residing in Ireland

If you are living in the Republic of Ireland, you should claim your EU pension from another EEA country through the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection, Social Welfare Services, Sligo.

IMPORTANT - You can only use form EUP 65 for this, which you can download from this website.

Alternatively, this form can be obtained by texting FORM EUP65 followed by your name and address, to 51909. (standard text rates apply)

(EXCEPTION: if you are 65 years of age or over, you should use form SPC1 instead).

People Residing outside Ireland

If you live outside the Republic of Ireland, in an EEA Country, you should apply for EU Pension to the pension institution in your country of residence, in accordance with the procedures of that institution.

If you do not live in an EEA country, you must apply for EU Pension to the pension institution in the EEA country in which you were last insurably employed.

Last modified:08/05/2015

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