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Death of a pensioner

If you die while getting Invalidity Pension, payment will continue for 6 weeks to your spouse, civil partner or cohabitant if the payment included an allowance for them, or
if your spouse or civil partner or cohabitant was getting a social welfare payment of their own.

Death of a qualified adult

If a qualified adult dies, you will continue to get the Increase for a Qualified Adult for 6 weeks if your Invalidity Pension includes an increase for them.

Death of a qualified child

You will continue to get the Qualified Child Increase for 6 weeks after the death of a qualified child.

How to apply for 6 weeks payment after death

You apply for 6 weeks payment after death, notice of the date of death is sent to Invalidity Pension Payments Section (see section 7 for address).

Widowed or Surviving Civil Partner Grant

If you have at least one qualified child living with you, you can get a Widowed or Surviving Civil Partner Grant when you become a widow, widower or surviving civil partner. You can get more information from your local Social Welfare Office or from:
Widow(er)’s or Surviving Civil Partner’s Section
Social Welfare Services
College Road
Telephone: (071) 9157100
LoCall: 1890 500 000 (from the Republic of Ireland only)
+ 353 71 9157100 (from Northern Ireland or overseas)
Last modified:31/01/2016

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