Free Travel - SW 40

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When using your Free Travel Paper Pass or your Public Services Card Free Travel, you must produce your Pass for inspection to an Inspector with the transport operator or to an official of the Department of Social Protection, if asked.

If you have a Public Services Card Free Travel, you do not need to provide extra proof of identity.  However, if you have a companion or spouse/partner/co-habitant travelling with you (if authorized), they may be asked to provide proof of identity.

In addition, if you live in Dublin, Cork city, Waterford city, Limerick city or Galway city you must also produce a Free Travel Photo ID if you have a Free Travel Paper Pass.

If you have a Free Travel Paper Pass, you and your accompanying spouse, civil partner or cohabitant may also need to produce evidence of identity, by providing a sample of your signature(s) and/or photographic identification to the officials mentioned above or to a private bus operator.

A Free Travel Card may be taken and returned to the Department of Social Protection if there are good reasons for suspecting that it is being misused.

Last modified:15/05/2015