Details to record during the year on theTax Deduction Card or other approvedr ecord

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You should calculate the PRSI contribution at the correct percentage rate (shown in the current SW 14) on the pay figure in column F on the Temporary/Emergency Tax Deduction Card (P13/P14). Alternatively, calculate the PRSI on the pay figure in column G on the Tax Deduction Card (P9/P11). In column C enter the employee's PRSI contribution. In column D enter the total amount of the PRSI contribution, that is your share and your employee's share.

In column E you should record the weeks of insurable employment, as defined in paragraph 42, by placing a tick in the appropriate space for each week in which insurable employment occurs. This is necessary to complete box F2 at the end of the tax year. Record the PRSI Class in this column and the initial class at box C2.

Last modified:06/10/2008

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