Customer Satisfaction Survey 2015

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Summary of 2015 CSS results
  •  Job seekers overall review of Intreo centres and branch offices is very positive. Overall satisfaction was scored at 4.38 on a scale of 1 – 5. On the key aspects of premises, staff, services and processes reaction is almost uniformly positive. 
  • Best rated aspects are office premises and staff. Almost three quarters of all jobseekers completely agree that opening hours are convenient, offices are easy to get to and premises are in general a nice place to be. Similarly strong validation is given for Intreo and branch office staff. Staff score very highly in terms of being friendly and welcoming, good at their jobs and doing their best for clients while making jobseekers feel valued. That mean scores average 4.5/4.6 on a five point scale for staff related metrics shows the level satisfaction with this part of the Intreo offer. 
  • Jobseekers are also very satisfied with the services offered by Intreo offices and the processes they need to engage with in the welfare process but… 
  • …it is worth noting that a significant minority of jobseekers failed to rate their satisfaction with: group engagement sessions, case officer meetings, Department of Social Service Welfare online service, getting on to a course, training or job and /or satisfaction with a course or training attended indicating usage of these services is not universal. 
  •  Compared to other aspects of services and processes jobseekers were slightly less convinced that the Intreo centre/brand office process helped them improve their prospects for getting a job. Nevertheless, 59% completely agreed that the process has helped improve their prospects in getting a job and more than three quarters either completely or moderately agreed that the process helped them get a job. Satisfaction with getting on a course/training or getting a job – mean score 4.29 vs 4.38 overall. 
  • Strong scores are evident across the total jobseeker population. Older, longer term jobseekers and users of branch offices (generally smaller offices) tend to be marginally more satisfied albeit differences are not statistically significant at branch level. Jobseekers in rural areas and smaller towns tend to be marginally more satisfied than those in the Cork and Dublin metropolitan areas. Mid Leinster and South West with some exceptions, tend to be rated better than other regions.
  • Given such positive results across the board it is perhaps not surprising that many jobseekers had no suggestions for improvements (two in five jobseekers were unable to come up with any suggestions). Jobseekers who suggested improvements called for shorter queues, better privacy as well as a more personal approach tailored to their needs and qualifications. Other suggestions are for better internal processes and fragmented calls for staff to be more helpful and for refreshments to be available. 
  •  In overview this research shows a strongly satisfied jobseeker population. Nine in ten jobseekers rate the service provided by their Intreo centre as the same or better than their main bank shows that Intreo centres are meeting the standards of today . 
  • Full survey results - Jobseeker satisfaction with public offices​​​​​     
Last modified:29/05/2017