Corporate Governance Framework

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 Foreword from the Secretary General

In April 2016 the Corporate Governance Framework for the Department was published. I welcome the publication of this updated Corporate Governance Framework for the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection.  This framework sets out our governance standards which are fundamentally about delivering priorities, achieving objectives, behaving with integrity and acting in the public interest. This framework is part of a common approach to governance shared across the civil service as set out in the Civil Service Renewal Plan (CSRP) and will evolve over time. The CSRP includes a key action to enhance governance arrangements in line with international best practice by the introduction of a common governance standard.

Governance is concerned with having in place appropriate structures and processes for directing and managing our organisation so that all stakeholders can be assured that the organisation is operating effectively and efficiently. It is about transparency, accountability and consistency, and about operating in a participative environment. The on-going support and co-operation of all staff to that environment will strengthen governance structures that underpin this framework. I am confident that the values of innovation and engagement in our organisation will enable our governance structures to be dynamic and responsive with the capacity to change and improve on the effective delivery of our services.

The five high level governance principles as outlined in this framework will help to guide the organisation towards a future that will evolve with the changing needs of our stakeholders, including our staff, as we continue to seek new ways of doing things for the benefit of our customers and all stakeholders.

Corporate Governance Framework

Last modified:10/09/2018