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Automatic Enrolment Retirement Savings System ‘Strawman’ Consultation, open from 22/08/2018 to 04/11/2018

Total Contributions Approach for State Pension Consultation, open from 28/05/18 to 03/09/18


A Strawman Public Consultation Process for an Automatic Enrolment (AE) Retirement Savings System for Ireland

The AE Strawman is intended to help identify a preferred operational structure and design for a new national retirement saving system and to this end it contains a series of questions that stakeholders are invited to consider in formulating their responses. To give those who may want it quick and easy access to the proposals, a summarised ‘Plain English’ version of the Strawman has also been produced.

Find more background information on the AE Strawman please click here.

Purpose of the Consultation Process
The purpose of the public consultation is to offer individuals and interest groups an opportunity to submit views and recommendations that may inform the design and operational structure of the Automatic Enrolment system. The Government will not make final decisions regarding the operational and design characteristics for Automatic Enrolment before 2019.

Consultation period
22 August 2018 – 4 November 2018

Regional Consultation Fora
In addition to the opportunity to submit formal written responses, a number of consultation fora will be hosted during and following the consultation process at which interested parties will be able to contribute their views and ideas. The seminars are scheduled to take place in Dublin City on the 1st October, Galway City on the 15th October and in Cork City on the 19th October. Those wishing to book a place to attend one of these consultation events can do so by registering through the email links below:
Dublin The session in the morning is booked out
Dublin A second session will be held in Dublin on the afternoon of the 1st October.

Target groups
All citizens, representative/interest groups and industry bodies are encouraged to respond to the consultation.

The Strawman should not, in any way, be construed as a confirmation of what form Automatic Enrolment will ultimately take.  Readers should not take the key features as definitive.  It is a high level draft intended to generate and prompt discussion and improve ideas.  The intention is to help interested parties conceptualise plausible approaches to AE and to facilitate a focused debate around key design issues and how to address income adequacy for retirees. 

How to submit your response
Responses or queries (with the subject line Public Consultation - AE Submissions) are requested by 4th November 2018 and should be forwarded by email to  All submissions will be acknowledged.

Please ensure that responses are received in advance of the closing date.  Responses received after this date may not be considered.

While submissions in electronic format are strongly encouraged, persons who wish to make a submission but who are not in a position to do so by email may make their submission in writing and post it to:

Automatic Enrolment Programme Management Office
Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection
Floor 1, Áras Mhic Dhiarmada
Store Street
Dublin 1
D01 WY03
Phone 7043693/7043359

Please include contact details if responding by post.  When responding to this consultation, please state whether you are contributing to the consultation process as a professional advisor, representative body, individual, or on behalf of an organisation.

If responding to particular questions tabled in the AE Strawman, respondents are asked to link material being submitted to the relevant question (e.g. ‘response to question 8’).  In addition to responding to any or all of the questions raised in the Strawman as they deem appropriate, respondents are encouraged to add any additional views or information they believe should be considered and to provide data sources/any available evidence base for any recommendations made.  

Meetings with key stakeholders
As part of the consultation process, officials from the Automatic Enrolment Programme Management Office within the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection and other Government Departments (as appropriate) may meet with key stakeholders, including representative bodies and other interested groups. Such meetings would generally take place following receipt of a stakeholder’s submission.

After the Written Consultation Process
It is intended that, following the consultation period, a conference will be organised to provide feedback received during the process.  The outcomes from the written consultation process, the regional fora and the national Automatic Enrolment Conference will be taken into consideration when drafting the final operational and design characteristics of the Automatic Enrolment Retirement Savings System.

Freedom of Information
It should be noted that submissions received, and reports of any further consultations undertaken with any parties in response to this request, will be subject to Freedom of Information legislation and may be published on the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection website. Please also note that a full list of those who make submissions may be included as an appendix in any reporting that emerges from the consultation process.

Queries should be sent to

Past consultations are available here


Total Contributions Approach for State Pension Consultation, open from 28/05/18 to 03/09/18

Consultation period
28 May 2018 - 03 September 2018

Total Contributions Approach to establishing level of entitlement to the State Pension (contributory) from 2020.

Consultation outcome
The Pensions Policy Unit in the Department will summarize the replies after the end of the consultation period into a synopsis report that will help form Government policy on the introduction of a Total Contributions Approach to qualifying for the State Pension (contributory) from 2020 onwards.

Target group
All citizens and interest groups are welcome to respond to this consultation. The policy will affect those who reach State Pension age from 2020 onwards.

Objective of the consultation
The aim of this consultation is to gather views on the implementation of the Total Contributions Approach (TCA) to establishing level of entitlement to the State Pension (contributory) from 2020.

The Roadmap for Pensions Reform 2018-2023 confirmed the Government’s position that the State pension will be reformed and will remain as the fundamental basis of the pension system in Ireland. To do this, the Government will introduce from 2020 ‘Total Contributions Approach’ (TCA) for the State Pension (Contributory). You can download additional background information from the link below.

How to submit your response
Please submit your responses via the online questionnaire (link below).

The questionnaire takes around 10 minutes to complete.

Reference documents
All people making submissions are asked to read this document, which sets out the policy context and explains terms used in the questionnaire.

View the questionnaire

Past consultations are available here


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