Concurrent Payments

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  • Currently, a person who gets a Widow(er)'s Pension, Surviving Civil Partner's Pension or One Parent Family Payment may be entitled to half rate Jobseeker's Benefit, Illness Benefit or Incapacity Supplement if they satisfy the qualifying conditions. These half rate payments will cease for new applicants for Illness Benefit (1 February 2012) Jobseeker's Benefit (2 February 2012), or Incapacity Supplement (3 February 2012)
  • New participants on Community Employment schemes will not be able to claim another social welfare payment at the same time but they will receive the standard additional €20 per week paid to all other participants. (16 January 2012)
  • Payment of two qualified child increases where the person is on a Community Employment Scheme and One Parent Family Payment, Deserted Wife's Allowance/Benefit or Widow(er)'s Pension will be discontinued for new and existing recipients. (20 February 2012)
Last modified:03/02/2012

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