Combat Poverty Agency Act 1986

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  1. Interpretation.
  2. Establishment day.
  3. Combat Poverty Agency.
  4. Functions of Agency.
  5. Strategic plans and review.
  6. Chairman and vice-chairman of Agency.
  7. Members of Agency.
  8. Meetings, committees, etc. of Agency.
  9. Grants to Agency, etc.
  10. Accounts and audits.
  11. Reports, etc. to Minister.
  12. Director of Agency.
  13. Employees of Agency.
  14. Superannuation.
  15. Membership of either House of Oireachtas or Assembly of European Communities.
  16. Consultants and advisers.
  17. Seal of Agency.
  18. Contracts by Agency.
  19. Disclosure of interest in proposed contracts, etc.
  20. Disclosure of information.
  21. Donations.
  22. Laying of regulations.
  23. Expenses.
  24. Short title.

Last modified:06/10/2008

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