Christmas 2019

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  2019 Christmas and New Year Payment Arrangements

Christmas and New Year payment arrangements for customers of the Department are available here: ( click on image to enlarge)


Please note that there will be no normal weekly payments between 23rd December and 27th December.

*Any payments due 1st January 2020 will be made 31st December 2019.

Christmas 2019 Bonus 


A Christmas Bonus payment of 100% of the appropriate weekly amount is to be paid to all customers on a long term Social Welfare payment. The Bonus payment will be included in the normal weekly payment paid in week commencing 2nd December 2019. 




Bonus payment calculated on week

Bonus payment paid with normal weekly payment payable


Jobseeker’s Allowance
Farm Assist


Wednesday 27/11 to Tuesday 03/12


Between Monday 02/12 and Friday 07/12


Jobseeker’s Benefit (BTEA)


Thursday 28/11 to Wednesday 04/12


Between Monday 02/12 and Friday 07/12

Back to Work Enterprise Allowance
Back to Work Family Dividend


Monday 25/11 to Saturday 30/11


Monday 02/12


One Parent Family
Jobseeker’s Transition


Thursday 05/12 to Wednesday 11/12


Thursday 05/12

​Back to Education (IB)
Partial Capacity Benefit
​N/A ​Thursday 05/12

*Where a customer becomes entitled to long term JA the Bonus will be due only in respect of the long term days payable for that week.

Last modified:05/12/2019