Changes to Community Employment (CE) Scheme for One Parent Family Payment Customers

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In Budget 2012, a number of changes were made to the One-Parent Family Payment.

One of the changes made is that increases for qualified children are no longer payable on the Community Employment (CE) scheme when a similar increase is being made on the One-Parent Family Payment scheme.     In addition, the amount of earnings you are allowed to have without affecting your payment has been reduced from €146.50 to €130 per week.

As a result of the Budget measure, qualified child increase on CE scheme payments will cease from 20th February 2012 where a customer is also in receipt of One-Parent Family payment.  Their new weekly rate of payment on Community Employment will be €208 per week.  

While the weekly rate of CE will be reduced, their One-Parent Family payment will be recalculated, at the same time, to take account of both their reduced CE earnings and the revised One-Parent Family earnings disregard of €130 per week.  Their One-Parent Family Payment will increase to partially offset the reduction in their CE payment but, on an overall basis, their combined income from CE and OFP will be reduced.

Letters detailing the exact arrangements will be issuing shortly from the Department to all customers concerned.

Last modified:27/01/2012

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