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The Career Directions service has been discontinued from the 04/04/2014

The Department made the decision that it no longer necessary for the Department to continue to fund and develop this service for jobseekers as other similar services are readily available on the Irish market.

The Department has prepared a short FAQs below answering some of Career Directions user queries.

  1. What will happen when a user visits

    After 4th of April 2014 if someone clicks on a link to the domain they will be redirected to the website.


  3. What will replace Career Directions?

    Career Directions is not being replaced.  The Department will no longer provide such a service and instead will suggest that users avail of other similar services already available.


  5. Where can I now go to look for Irish occupational information?

    Careers Portal is an Irish based company that offers an integrated and interactive tool containing a careers database of career profiles and also incorporates an interest inventory tool that also allows people to search courses, jobs and occupations via their interest results. More information about Careers Portal is here.  This service is very similar to the service that was offered by Career Directions.


  7. What will happen to all the registered users on the Career Directions website?

    The Department have issued an email to all the registered clients informing them of the changes, instructing them to save any material they wish to continue to have access to.


  9. What if I have more questions can I contact someone?

    Yes, if you have any further queries please send them to

Last modified:08/04/2014

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