Can I qualify for parental leave credits?

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As a parent, you may take parental leave, either as a continuous block of 18 weeks or, with the agreement of your employer, broken up over a period of time.

If you take parental leave you will get a credit for each full week you take. This will ensure that your existing cover for social welfare payments is maintained.

Your employer should write to the Client Eligibility Services confirming the duration, number of weeks and exact dates of your parental leave.

For further information contact:

Client Eligibility Services
Department of Social Protection
McCarter's Road
Co. Donegal

LoCall: 1890 690 690 (from the Republic of Ireland only)
+353 1 4715898 (from Northern Ireland or overseas)

For more information on parental leave, contact:

The Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission:
4th Floor,
Jervis House
Jervis Street
Dublin 1

LoCall: 1890 245 545 (from the Republic of Ireland only)
+353 1 858 9601 (from Northern Ireland or overseas)

Last modified:24/04/2015