Can I qualify for credits if I am ill?

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If you satisfy the conditions in  Section 2 and you are unfit for work because of illness, injury, disease or disability, you may qualify for credits.

If you are getting Illness Benefit, Invalidity Pension or Occupational Injury Benefit, credits will be granted for the period of these payments.

You will get a credit for each full week of illness, provided you qualify for credits

Incapacity Supplement

If you have used up your entitlement to Illness Benefit or Occupational Injury Benefit and you qualify for Incapacity Supplement, you should continue to send in medical certificates each month (unless advised otherwise) to make sure that you continue to get credits for the period of your illness or disability.

You can hand in medical certificates to your local Social Welfare Office or send to:

Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection
PO Box 1650

Disability Allowance

If you are getting Disability Allowance and you did not get Illness Benefit beforehand you may qualify for credits if you have paid or credited PRSI contributions in either of the last two tax years. Credits may be given, from the date your Disability Allowance is awarded until your payment stops.

If you were awarded Disabled Persons Maintenance Allowance (DPMA) by the Health Service Executive before 2 October 1996, credits may be given to you from 2 October 1996. You will stop getting credits as soon as your payment stops.

Can I get credits if I don't qualify for an illness payment?

If you apply for Illness Benefit or Occupational Injury Benefit and you do not qualify for payment, you will be advised about your entitlement to credited contributions.

If you qualify for credits, you should continue to send in medical certificates

Giving up work in the public service because of ill-health

If you work in the public service and have paid PRSI contributions at Class B, C or D and you have to give up work because of ill-health, you can maintain your social insurance record by sending in medical certificates once a year. The credits given will protect your entitlement to Widow's, Widower's or Surviving Civil Partner’s(Contributory) Pension.

You can apply for these credits by filling in an application form CR 35 For more information log onto

Last modified:17/02/2015