Can I qualify for credits for time spent abroad as a volunteer development worker?

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If you take part in voluntary work in a developing country, you may qualify for credits for the duration of your assignment abroad, up to a maximum of 5 years.

You must be resident in Ireland before your assignment abroad to qualify for these credits.

Your work must be arranged:

  • by or through a non-governmental agency in Ireland,
  • by or through a governmental or non-governmental agency in any Member of the European Union (other than Ireland), or
  • directly with the Government of the developing country.

For more information, log on to ''.

Otherwise you can check your position before leaving Ireland by contacting:

PRSI Special Collection Section
Social Welfare Services Office
Department of Social Protection
Government Offices
Cork Road

LoCall: 1890 690 690 (from the Republic of Ireland only)
+353 1 4715898 (from Northern Ireland or overseas)

Last modified:18/02/2015