Can I postpone maternity leave and Maternity Benefit?

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You may postpone the last 12 weeks of your maternity leave and Maternity Benefit if your child is in hospital. Your Maternity Benefit must have been in payment for at least 14 weeks and you must have taken at least 4 weeks maternity leave after your baby was born.

You should apply in writing to the address in Section 19 if you want to have your Maternity Benefit postponed. You can postpone your Maternity Benefit for up to 6 months. Your payment will resume when you send in written confirmation to Maternity Benefit Section that your child has been discharged from hospital and your employer certifies that you are entitled to resume postponed maternity leave.

Your payment will continue until your entitlement to Maternity Benefit finishes.

Last modified:02/07/2019

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