Illness Benefit - SW 119

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Yes. Your Illness Benefit payment may be stopped if you do not observe certain conditions while receiving Illness Benefit.

These conditions are that you must not:

  • become incapable of work through your own misconduct,
  • fail, without good reason, to attend a medical assessment by a Medical Assessor of this Department,
  • fail to obey your doctor's instructions,
  • behave in a way that is likely to delay your recovery,
  • fail to see any Official from this Department and answer reasonable enquiries concerning your claim.

If you make a false or misleading statement in order to get Illness Benefit for yourself or any other person, you may face a fine, a prison term or both.

If you get Illness Benefit that you do not qualify for, you must repay it to us. The Minister for Employment Affairs and Social Protection may recover money you owe by legal action or through deductions from any other social welfare payment for which you qualify.

Last modified:08/09/2016

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